How to Solder the RCTimer Double BEC (12V+5V) PDB for Drones




Introduction: How to Solder the RCTimer Double BEC (12V+5V) PDB for Drones

A short video/presentation on how to set up and solder the RCTimer Power Distribution Board (PDB) with Double BEC's and how to adjust the voltage output on the appropriate BEC.

This PDB comes as standard with the ''RCTimer: Aliencopter Bee 470 full Carbon KIT W/Clean and Dirty System and PDB W/BEC' 470 quad-copter'' frame kit. However you can also buy it separately from a range of China based multicopter suppliers. It is a great solution for drone builders to have the ESC power distribution, 4@ 5V outputs for the flight controller &/or camera and 4@ 12V outputs (actually you can vary the voltage) for all the usual accessories like gimbal, AV transmitter, LED's etc. in a single Power Distribution Board. It also lights up which is pretty cool.



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