This first half of the Instructable will teach you how to solve a Rubik's cube using one of the most simplistic methods possible. You will only need to memorize about 5 or 6 algorithms.

If you can already solve a Rubik's cube in about a minute then visit This site for a better solution that has been clocked to about 10 seconds.

If you have a move that you are having trouble understanding I'll be happy to email you with a better example. If that still doesn't help I'll be happy to upload a video of it onto this instructable.

And.... No... I didn't speed up any of my videos.

EDIT: I now use the Fridrich method, and my average is 32 seconds and my personal best is 24 seconds.

Comments are appreciated!

Step 1: My Cubing History

(You really don't have to read this. now that I look back at this I think I should just delete this page...)

The first time I ever really saw or used a Rubik's Cube was back in 2005 in my 6th grade advanced science class. Our teacher had several Rubik's Cubes to play with while we were waiting for class to begin. Since it was an advanced class and everyone was more or less inclined to mental challenges, like puzzles, we had to almost fight over the cubes. Everyone in the class was amazed when someone finished a side. Since it was such a challenge just to get to use a Rubik's Cube I decided to go to WalMart to buy one for my self. When I took it home to try to solve it I was amazed at how complex and addicting the little puzzle was. One day I decided to take my cube to church. While I was at church that day I found a man who could solve it in about 3 minutes. I was amazed that it was actually even possible to solve them. I finally decided to ask him if he would teach me his method. Over the next month he would teach me a step every Sunday and write it down on a piece of paper so I could practice it every day.

I was very excited the first day I solved it. I stayed up late mixing it up and solving it. The next day I showed my teachers at school and they were amazed. (o.k., now to skip ahead a bit...)

When the summer came I stopped solving the cube. During math class in 7th grade my 6th grade Social Studies teacher brought her whole class to watch me solve the cube. Since it had been a while since I last solved it I forgot a couple algorithms so it took me a lot longer than it had before. I was very embarrassed that i could barely solve it. So when I went home I went through my sock drawer and found my notes and started to memorize the method again.

Once I got to school I could solve the cube in about 2 minutes. I then started to learn the Petrus method but discontinued using it because it was too hard for me. I picked up some key tips while learning the method though.

I've recently started a Rubik's craze at school now that I've gotten sub-minute times with this method.

My personal best solve is 29 seconds with a method similar to this, and my average with that method is 35 seconds. My best solve with the method on this instructable is 38 seconds. I'm currently learning the Fridrich Method (the one clocked at a record 10 seconds).

I can also solve a Pyraminx with a personal best at 11 seconds and an average of about 17 seconds. I can solve a Megaminx in about 10 minutes.(I don't practice much) a K-8Ball in 38 seconds (Similar to 2x2 Cube). A Dino Cube in 34 seconds (Discontinued sales, i used an applet on the internet). And a Twin Cube in about 2 minutes 30 seconds. I invented the Twin Cube. Its basically two Rubik's Cubes connected by the corner. ( I just sawed to corner pieces in half and glued them together)

First image is a random H (for history)
Second image is of a Pyraminx
Third Image Megaminx
Fourth Image K8Ball
Fifth Image Dino Cube Applet
Sixth image Twin Cube

This is a video of me with my regular method. I timed about 40 seconds.
The method I used is almost the exact same except for last layer. Instead of getting yellow cross, permuting edges, permuting corners, orienting corners.

My method for last layer is: get yellow cross, permute corner, orient corners, permute edges.

Joshi get a newer cube like a Moyu Tanglong
FYI You didn't make the twin cube it is called the Siamese cube
<p>My personal best is 39 sec and i am using friedrich method and my average is 55 sec</p><p>what to do with this hell</p><p>i am using yj guanlong white speedcube with corner cutting of 45 degrees</p><p>pls help </p><p>i want to sub 30</p>
I applaud you for making this instructable. It is the best &quot;how to solve a Rubik's cube &quot; instructable out there. However I could already solve one beforehand.<br>
Want to know how to solve tetradecaminx
<p> Nice guide,<br> Actually learnt from this website, it has a really good rubiks cube solution guide&nbsp; and some really good tips :)<br> <br> <a href="http://www.rubiksplace.com">Rubik's Cube solution</a> for beginners<br> <br> <a href="http://www.rubiksplace.com/rubiks-cube-tips.html">Rubik's Cube Tips</a>&nbsp;<br> <br> <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKaqUoCFPR8">watch his 7.63 Rubik's cube solution</a> , increadible!!<br> <br> Good Luck!</p>
My brother has had one for about 7-8 years and its still unsolved. :P
i find it easier in step six to turn the cube 90 degrees to the left and do this.<br><br>Left: Down<br>Top: Clockwise<br>Front: Clockwise<br>Top: Counter-Clockwise<br>Front: Counter-Clockwise<br>Left: Up<br><br>i only find it easier because you dont have to do a back move<br>
You can also increase your speed by lubricating it. Try lubixcube.com
i love the tip for the&nbsp; circle around dot i amazed my freinds with it and they think im a pro but im not. tiry going to this website if you&nbsp;are having trouble with this&nbsp; instructaable&nbsp;<a href="http://www.videojug.com/interview/how-to-solve-a-rubiks-cube-in-under-a-minute" rel="nofollow">www.videojug.com/interview/how-to-solve-a-rubiks-cube-in-under-a-minute</a>. the guy is a professional and he goes kind of normal speed but it is a good video.
<span class="short_text" id="result_box"><span title="ga naar deze site.">go to this site. </span><span title="de site is nederlands.">The site is Dutch. </span><span title="maar het programma is wel engels en werk heel erg goed.">but the program is English and works very well.&nbsp;&nbsp; <br /> <br /> http://home.kpn.nl/rubik/kubus.htm<br /> </span></span>
<strong>m havin a problem in solvin step no. 6 plz help me</strong><br />
do you play runescape or sumthin cause i think i heard some runescape music
ok now iv read most of this its too confusing i dont get most of it and its driveing me nutz that i can't solve this rubix cube lol tho i just got it like few days ago if you could like upload a video going slowly turn by turn on here that would help me and im sure some others ALOT =D<br/>
if you cant solve it then use the online rubiks cube solver
I mixed my friends rubic cube up for april fools day and he couldn't figure it out so he asked me to fix it : ) LOLs
are you holding it with the white on the top? and the orange on the front like in this image?
I'm frequently coming to the very last move, where all colors are matched except a single cuby that's flipped. Performing the algorythm results in the last layer completed, while the initial two are now mixed. I keep running into this problem, or similar ones where working through the algorythm results in a lower left front cuby out of place. The out of place cuby is unaffected by the algorythm, which leads to further mixing of the cube.
It should be impossible for only one cubie to be twisted or flipped. If this is the case then someone has either taken off the stickers or taken it apart and flipped a cubie. Just simply take it apart (instructions to do so are under "Applying the Lube"), flip the rogue cubie, then snap it back together. This should fix the make the cube possible to solve again. There are really only 6 possible ways the corners can be oriented on the last step (excluding mirrors). These are shown from the top looking down on the cube in this picture. The yellow is the last layer and gray is an undetermined color. If the pieces are in any other order than this the cube was probably taken apart.
That is an awsome drawing of one of Rubik's cubes. And where did the purple in the video come from?
thanks lol.... it was an example that i drew in abut 2 minutes.. i can actually draw way better... The purple was a substitution to red... I have 3 sisters so we have ALOT of fingernail polish laying around our house. I was having trouble with stickers so I just simply painted my cube with fingernail polish (no red). I strongly suggest using fingernail polish. It stays on great if you can get some high quality stuff and not the stuff from dollar general. I havent repainted my cube for a year or so or something like that. By then with stickers i'de have had about 20 resticks
forget all i said i just solved my cube thanks a lot man you are my hero thnx
please explain i don't understand this Note: the back turn is turning it as if you are holding the back side as the front. That does not mean that you solve it with the back on the front though. I might upload a video of what I mean.
omg i do it there is no --- made to the top why?
omg i do exactly what it says but i can't get a cross to the other side.i've done it like thousands of times.
oh i forgot to mention the example 2 i mean is on step 2.thank you.
what dustin_virva says is very logical.When i see your videos i can't understand anything because it's too fast and when I look at the pictures of the examples i don't understand what i'm trying to accommplish e.g.Example 2.Ok please explain what i will accomplish by doing what example 2 says.A video with slow movements for each example would surely stop confusions for a lot of people.
this is a very helpfull instructable,<br/>was looking for it a long time <sup></sup><br/>many thx<br/>but an advice,<br/>highlight that last sentence (referring to the back turning)<br/>I did not read it until i failed like 4 times doing this step!!!!<br/>I almost ate my cube!! ;)<br/>grtz<br/>
Thanks. I can't remember how I wrote it to turn, but I'll make sure to make it more noticeable. (How do you highlight stuff?)
I put it in bold. Maybe that will make it clearer.
thank you very much <sup></sup><br/>it'll save people a lot of nerves :)<br/>grtz<br/>
Yw. You posted your comment at the perfect time. If you had told me to highlight it earlier then I probably wouldn't have gotten around to it. I just started solving again after almost 8 months of not speed cubing. lol My cube was way to loose and I had no glue to fix the caps if I were to take them off. I may add a section about DYI cubes and what types of glues to use, because some glues don't work strong enough and others melt the plastic together.... wow I ramble...
okay so ya i think your move from the movie and your move thats listed on the page are different........
Oops. I changed the text but not the video.... I think i'll do that later some time.
Oh nice rs music in background lol. I play too fyi.
well, thanks...i never imagine that i can finish this puzzle.. now i just have to improve my time..thanks again. nice tutorial..
Lol to solve on a video just video tape you scrambling it up then play backwards!!!
That would be a possibility. but you can see that i'm doing something in the video.
sooooooooooooooooo confused...
What do you do when two of your middle layer edge pieces are already in the middle, but on the opposite side from where they're supposed to be?
Its been so long since I've solved a cube, but... From how you are explaining it I would do either the left or right move on this page and take the misplaced cubie out, and then put that cubie into its correct place using one of the moves. Then do the same thing with the other one.
Thank you so much! I just solved my first rubik's cube. You're tutorial was super helpful.
Hahahaha start all videos at once
thanks for the pattern it's very cool<br/>now i now how to solve rubic's<br/>thanks alot.......<br/> ( , , )<br/> ( * ) he he he he<br/>
First I should say overall nice instructable, being a cuber myself I appreciated the quality of the pictures, but I have some tips for your pretty pictures. First in the "I, I captain" don't flip both left and right sides seperately it wastes valuable cubing time, just push the middle up 2x and then twist the top (or bottom, it doesn't really matter) 2x and then push middle 2x more, turrn cube and repeat. Also I have another pretty picture that will make people insane. Here's the pattern: Left Up 2x Bottom Right 2x Left Up 2x Bottom Right 2x Left Up 2x Right Up 2x Top Right 2x Right Up 2x Top Right 2x Right Up 2x Top Right 2x Left Up 2x -The front and rear sides have all stickers the same color but the sides have swapped center lines it is interesting beause everyone tries to solve it by moving the lines which always brings you back to the same position.
Thanks. I'll update it. Its been so long since I've looked at this.. lol.
I have understood only half of your instructions,but i am working on it. I am not good at solving the cube but I wish to try. At certain stages you rotate the full white side to remove a single white corner piece to adjust the other color pieces but when you put back the piece,you some times use two different whites instead of the same two whites you had used to remove.this confuses me.can you help as to where I am stuck?
what step is that?
i dont understand at all

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