Step 7: Permuting the Edges

Picture of Permuting the Edges
In this step you will permute the edge Last Layer Edge cubies. This move leaves the cubie on the front side alone and switches all the other pieces counter clockwise.

If none of the pieces are in the right place rotate the top until at least one edge is in the correct place.

(refer to the first image to see how the pieces are swapped.)

Some times when you do the move it still doesn't work. Here are some positions that may require a different way of executing the move. Here are the positions.

Example 1
Do the move with the right one of the two solved pieces to the left of you. After you do the move turn the top clockwise. (refer to second image)

Example 2
First do the move with the front as an unsolved side. Then turn the top 2 times. Next turn the whole cube clockwise then do the move again. Then finally turn the top clockwise. (refer to third image)

The move

Right: Up
Top: Clockwise
Right: Down
Top: Clockwise
Right: Up
Top: 2 Times
Right: Down

im confused how to do this move, ive been skiping it when i was solving before, which explains why it wasnt all solved in the end. Can u explain again when and how to do this move