Solving the Rubik Cube





Introduction: Solving the Rubik Cube

This is the way I learned how to do it with my tiny attention span!

Step 1: Place Edges

make a cross of a starting color (pic1)and place all edge cubes using these moves:(pic2)

Step 2: Crusader Cross

get a cross on all sides using the methods from the last step

Step 3: Placing Corners

place the corners using these moves

Step 4: You're Done!



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    sorry but i still don't get it!!

    um is that a self making ube or wath?

    My record for solving is 1:41. Here is a video of me solving it!

    how do you play twisty puzzle ?

    hes a noob

    this is not a good way to learn go to youtube and type in how to solve a rubix cube it is easy a desciptive

    Of the instructables on this site for solving a rubik's cube I found this one most easy to follow. Pictures of the moves instead of purely text descriptions is way easier to follow. Thanks for this!

    Yep! Three times in a row to make sure I can. The pictures of the 5 series of moves are the best thing, as long as you understand when to use each and how to choose which pieces to move where such that your moves are efficient. Now to just print them out and start doing it over and over so I can memorize them and impress friends by doing it straight from memory. Thanks!!