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1 slight knowledge of music

Let's get started! This is a lot easier if you are a girl or a guy with a particularly high singing voice, but do not be discouraged. It is rather easy to get to do this.

Step 1: Define your voice type.

For a lot of people this is easy. Just see how high your voice can sing. If you can hit very high notes, and are a girl, you are a soprano. If a guy, you are a tenor. If you cannot, and can hit very low notes, if a girl, you are a alto, if you are a guy, you are a bass. 

I suggest this only for sopranos, tenors and altos so that you don't hurt your voice. I myself are a middle soprano, so I can do all of the ponies, with the exception of Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. My voice just doesn't do that. Here are a few suggestions of voice types for ponies.

Fluttershy-  Light and airy Mid Soprano
Dashie- Guy-like  Alto/tenor
Rarity-  Pompous High Soprano 
Twilight Sparkle:Brainy Alto
Applejack- Country slur Mid to low soprano
Pinkie Pie- Energized VERY high soprano.

Pick your pony accordingly.
<p>I'm mid sop, and I can do all of them!</p>
I can do AppleJack and Apple Bloom's voice! Mah gad!
<p>thanks for this i can do a decent pinkie twilight and applejack and applejacks sister applejack is easy cause i live in the country in a small town lol </p>
<p>i can sing like her i still cant just intoi a conversation like them except for pinkie </p>
<p>I'm a mid soprano, what can i do to sound like dashie? i really, really, REALLY, want to sound like her.</p><p>If somepony can give me tips about how to sound like dashie (or pinkie) please leave a reply in this comment ;u;</p>
<p>I'm a mid soprano, what can i do to sound like dashie? i really, really, REALLY, want to sound like her.</p><p>If somepony can give me tips about how to sound like dashie (or pinkie) please leave a reply in this comment ;u;</p>
I was gonna try pinkie, sadly im a tenor
<p>I'm able to do Dashie, Pinkie, Applejack, Fluttershy's, Twilight's, and Rarity's!</p>
I'm a full soprano... What now? Does that mean I can do... ALL OF THEM?
I can do fluttershy and pinkie pie!!!
That's because fluttershy and pinkie are the save voice actor
<p>i am very great at Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie</p>
Fluttershy and pinkie pie are the same voice actor
<p>I am normal male teenager, But I can Voice Like Fluttershy using MorphVox Pro<br>LOL MUCH</p>
I am a girl and i think I'm a soprano/bass<br>So i am not lucky i can't do any of their voices :(
I sound like rainbow dash &amp;a pinkie pie both
Cool this made me sound lots better!!
<p>i have a high pitched voice, like high pitched</p>
<p>If you're voice is really high then you are probably a soprano, it would be a challenge to do rainbow dash and you may be better suited to fluttershy, rarity or pinky pie.</p>
<p>i dont know my voice :( i want to be an alto so i can sound like rainbow dash</p>
<p>I can do rainbow dash and fluttershy</p>
<p>tell me how</p>
<p>Wooden Toaster I sound like you when I sing your parts from nightmare night sfm,</p><p>Funny I think yes</p>
Your not rainbowdash
<p>your not me</p>
Now i sound like rainbowdash!
<p>HOW TELL ME HOW!!!!!</p>
<p>whats an alto and tenor?</p>
<p>yey ?</p>
<p>I can do almost all of the mane 6 and the cmc except Scootaloo RD and Twilight :/</p>
<p>I can do applejack sort of pinkie sort of twilight and fluttershy</p>
I sound kindof lke rarity and twilight
<p>I'm a bass... sucks to be one... cant even do an impression. :C Curse being a low pitch voiced jack waggon.....</p>
Now I can talk like the ponies!!!???
i can sound like pinkie pies very high pitched voice and fluttershys low voice, but then i can do rainbowdashes laugh
I tried to do rainbow dash but I ended up vanellope von schweets from wreck it ralph my voice. its. too. squeaky. I'm an alto, not a soprano... and I can do pinkie pie.<br><br>but thanks, really helped :3
<p>Sucks to be me...<br>(I'm a bass)</p>
<p>XD I sound like Rarity!<br></p>
<p>I'm a tenor but i can be fluttershy! Yay! (Fluttershy voice)</p>
;_; im a tenour and can do only one of my favorite ponies :nopinkieforme:
<p>yay I got pinkie o yea that makes sence </p>
And even applebloom's and pinkiepie's voice
I can make Applejacks, Fluttershy's and Rainbow dash's voice :)
Im a really deep voiced guy :raritydespair:
That's not fair, my favourite is Dr. Whooves! Now i don't know how to be him now!

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