How to Speed Up Your Computer, Easily





Introduction: How to Speed Up Your Computer, Easily

This video shows you how to speed up your computer quickly and easily.



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    i have heard ( although it my not be true) that a dusty computer runs slower....

    True. This is because dust is clogging the cooling fan, which is needed. A hot computer = slow performance.


    confermed, it does run faster if you clean it. not by much but it is worth looking into for a cheap alternitive

    Good video!

    my laptop was almost too slow to do this movie

    I wouldn't say you're freeing up "processor space" but more so freeing up resources on RAM and your pagefile.

    An effective way to do this is to open your run prompt (Windows key + R) type in "msconfig", go to the start-up tab, and disable program names that you are familiar with that are unnecessary for start-up. (limewire, MSN, itunes, etc)
    these programs listed under start-up may be named something like "msmsgs" (msn messenger) and may require some deciphering through google to figure out what process it actually is.

    This will effectively reduce the time your HDD has to load information to RAM, and cut the delay times of your Page-file interfacing with RAM.
    This will be effective, until you load your RAM up with several other programs.

    Another alternative route, although more costly, is to visit , use their "system scanner" and this will recommend what RAM is compatible with your computer.
    Once you receive a "PC-XXXX" number, you can use this to purchase a stick of ram to accomodate into your computer. (Note this may take some experience to do correctly)

    Doing this will increase the overall size of your RAM drive, and allow more programs to run without having to access the Pagefile on the HDD.

    (Note these instructions are for windows, and RAM limits do exist on operating systems, i.e XP 32-bit only capable of registering 3gb.)

    I got to say, all of this video could be described as common sense. "To make your computer run faster, make it so your computer has less work to do." is the mentality of the video, but its true and works so its all good.

    Thx! my old INSPIRON 5000 laptop goes faster now!

    Kevin MacLeod might like to get a "thanks guy" for the background music in the vid. Lots of good hint, but if you're going to use someone else's music you should at least give credit where it's due. I have used this piece a couple of times and it's called Deliberate Thought. No I am not Kevin, but I produce a weekly podcast/radio program that couldn't exist without the efforts of people like Kevin. He doesn't ask for much, just to acknowledge his work. A little professional courtesy goes a long way.

    I believe I have given Kevin MacLeod a credit at the end for music. I got the song from a royalty free music site that said he was the artist, and that it required a credit stating that he was the author of the music, so I gave him a credit for music. Did you watch the credits at the end? He is a very talented artist and I loved that song. Reminded me of Mass Effect.