Step 4: Splitting large logs

Picture of Splitting large logs
It's harder to split big logs, you have to do it in steps, one piece at the time.
The idea behind this strategy is: if you chop small things it's easy, so chopping small pieces many times is often easier.

Remember: Always aim before you hit.

If you tries to chop the log, and the axe get stuck, use the sledgehammer to beat it through.
jimbru4 years ago

I just wanted to comment on your tip to use a sledgehammer to beat the axe through. This is a really bad idea!!!

First of all, both the axe and the sledgehammer are tempered steel and they are brittle. You risk getting a VERY sharp shard of steel coming at you, or anyone nearby, in high speed. This shard can penetrate clothes and cuts through skin easily.

Secondly, the eye of the axe(where the handle is fixed) isn't as strong as you would expect and will collapse after some hard hits with the sledgehammer, ruining your axe. The cracks and bends in the axehead might not be obvious at first but even so the axehead can suddenly come off and badly hurt someone .