Picture of How to Spraypaint Your Rims
This instrucatble will explain the detailed instructions to spraypainting your vehicle's rims the color you desire. Included is all the necesary preparation, as well as execution and clean-up.

Step 1: Preparation

Picture of Preparation

Make sure the weather is nice. Temperature should be between 60 and 80 degrees with minimal humidity.

DO NOT paint in the rain.

Make sure you have a clean work area to put your car

Make sure your emergency brake is pulled and jack up your car under the engine.

tehnubby3 months ago

Rinsing with just water isn't good enough. Dish Soap is not good enough. Just sanding and wiping is not good enough. DO NOT Rinse after sanding.

You should be cleaning with a heavy duty degreaser to start. Walmart will have spray bottles of this stuff. Just scuffing with 600 Grit is not acceptable. Put some weight on it, don't be afraid. After sanding clean with a WAX AND GREASE REMOVER such as Mineral Spirits or Rubbing Alcohol, or an actual W&G Remover product by 3M. Wipe the entire surface with tack cloths to neutralize static and wipe up any residue left from your spirits with tack cloths.

Necessity of high heat primer is debatable if proper prep has been completed. That's only necessary on brake calipers and engine parts.

That's the only part I disagree with on this, otherwise well done.

oz5es1 year ago
Please don't tell people to jack up the car under the engine.
Someone will eventually take it literally, and ruin their oil pan, either the alu-kind that cracks, or the pressed steel-type, which WILL collapse under the weight of the car.
Trust me, i KNOW.
Apart from that, nice instructable.
DavidL10 oz5es5 months ago

he did say to put it under the frame.

oz5es DavidL105 months ago
No: "Make sure your emergency brake is pulled and jack up your car under the engine.".
That's what it says, and that's what I'm trying to warn others about.