Step 1: Have an (original) idea

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These are harder to come by than you think. Flash Mobs and Cacophonous Events aren't very effective if nobody attends and they aren't very fun if you're only aping something that's already been done in another city.

Ideally, they should be any one or combination of the following:

- Silly fun ( Pillow Fight Club, [http://Spontaneous Musical Food Court Musical])
- Subversive ( Frozen Grand Central, Critical Mass, Belarusian Ice Cream Mob, Smile Mob)
- Costumed Rampage ( Santarchy, Zombie Mob, The Brides of March)
- Benignly disruptive ( ATM Applause Mob)

A wider range of people are more likely to join you if your event does not:

- Promote a profit-making enterprise
- Exalt a specific individual or group
- Cost much (if anything) to participate in
- Have overtly political overtones (then it's a demonstration, and you will get tear gassed)
merideathx7 years ago
Little known fact - Improv Everywhere's Grand Central Terminal stunt was not all that subversive. They actually got permission to do it beforehand and had a Metro-North representative on-site the whole time who had given it the OK. When I think of "flash mob" I guess I don't really think of asking permission first...
vmcampos7 years ago
The potential of a flash mob is so high; it could be a chance for a variety of people to get together to do something meaning- like feed the homeless, or pick up trash. But, no. It becomes a complete waste of time: pillow fight or atm applause mob? Please. Good Instructable, however. Nice detail and easy to read.
The potential exists solely because the mass of participants is expecting the flashmob to be lots of fun. Plus, it's a rare occurrence. You just dont normally get the same impetus for something like trash pick-up or loaves-and-fishes ... those things are always going on somewhere.

A flashmob gives the participants a chance to be involved in a huge public joke, and anyone who sees it gets a laugh and something to talk about for the rest of the day.
check out Improv Everywhere's "Best Game Ever"
falk7 years ago
Here's an idea that I think is valid over and over again: Any time the police harass a photographer for just taking pictures, you should organize a flash mob of citizens with cameras to return to the same spot.

Photographer's rights web page.