Step 3: Grinding

Picture of Grinding
Now we will need to weigh out the following:

- 3g Ammonium nitrate
- 0.5g Table salt

Transfer it into the mortar and pestle and grind, untill it's well mixed.
Now comes the part were you need to take precaution, weigh out:

- 7g Zinc powder

Put it in the mortar and pestle and grind it together with the other ingredients.
Care must be taken at this point, not to let any water near this stage, since the powder is now finished and ready to use. Use it instantly, as storing the mixture will guarantee problems.
chriskarr7 months ago

Everyone is saying don't store the mixture. They're half right. Just store it in two bags - the fuel and the oxidizer in separate bags - and mix when needed.

so you CAN'T use the mixture after being stored?
well if moisture gets into the mixture while its being stored. it could end very messy.
right, right... time to try and make a DIY on Vacuumed sealed bags XD
Well you could just put it in a plastic bag with some silica gel packets and get as much air out as you can. The silica gel should soak up any moisture, keeping it from having any problems.
pudi.dk (author)  pyrorower5 years ago
Please don't advice to store this mixture. Silica gel is nowhere near a guarantee that the air won't contain moisture. Just make it and use it, it's as simple as that.