How to Start a Fire With a Magnify Glass




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Introduction: How to Start a Fire With a Magnify Glass

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I always thought you needed matches or a flint & steel or a lighter to make fire, but you don't it is very simple to start a fire with a magnify glass all you need (other then a magnify glass) is a sunny day. This is also a cheaper way then matches, and can be very useful if you have no other way.

Step 1:

First build you're fire. I chose to build a log cabin style fire. Here is a link to my instructable on 3 Different Ways to Build a Fire

Step 2: Lighting a Fire

So find from which direction the sun is coming from, and put you're back to it hold the magnify glass. Hold the magnify glass so the sun goes through it making a small dot of light on a leaf. When the leaf starts to smoke put more leafs behind it, and blow gently on it (this can take a while) After a while a small flame should form. When this happens add more dry leaves. Thats all.

Step 3: CAUTION!

Remember fire is DANGEROUS and it can spread quickly always have water or sand ready to set it out. I hope you enjoyed this instructable and don't forget to vote.



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    When my brothers and I were younger; and bored during the summer. My mom would give us a magnifying glass or two and a stack of newspapers/magazines and told us to cut coupons.

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    nice instructable. just wanted to say that I found that dry dead grass lit the best.

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