Step 3: How to make it Public

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Okay first thing you need is your local ip. Usually it will be something like 192.168.1.x (where the x is there will be anywhere from 1-3 numbers) and your router is will usually be To find this info on a pc go to start run and type cmd.exe and command prompt will launch and type ipconfig and copy down your ip. in a mac launch system prefs then networking and select your connection (airport or ethernet) and write down your ip. now go to your browser and type in your routers ip (like noted before, unless you have an advanced config then it will be type in the router pass (if there is one) and go to port forwarding and type in your ip and when asked what protocol select both when asked what port stat and stop put in 80 to 3308 (thats default) *note: when using MAMP you need to reset the ports in the application because it doesn't use the default. Next your going to need to go to cmyip.com to see your external ip. Now you can give that big number out and people would be able to see your website or you could follow the next step. So go to dyndns.com and set up a free account. Once verified click add new host and fill in all the spaces. once thats done your good to go!