Have you ever wondered how much you have thrown away that could have been recycled? According to reports, Americans throw away 1 million pounds of garbage each year. Regardless of where you live though you can make an impact on what you put in your trash can and what you do not. Before you begin, let’s make sure you know what you can recycle.

• 2-4 small to medium size garbage bins
• 1 large garbage bin (you provide or the local government does)
• A variety of sizes of garbage bags (optional)

Step 1: What Can You/Can't You Recycle?

There are a number of things that you can recycle that you usually throw away each day. Much like the food pyramid we can break these items down into categories: paper, plastic, metal (mainly aluminum cans), glass (depending on where you live and what your local government says), and other items that you can recycle not in your trash but at local businesses (such as ink cartridges, glasses, phones, etc.). Depending on the leftover food you can recycle it in compost piles in your garden or backyard.
<p>These are good things to know!</p>
I really found this project quite easy and fun. Recycling is something that I am passionate about and have done many projects in over the years. I hope more people get involved and start recycling.

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