Picture of How to Start and Organize a Film Festival
Film Festivals are a great way to showcase new movies that you and your classmates have produced.

While most film festivals will take a long time to prepare, they can also be done quickly, and less professionally at the high school level.

Step 1: Naming The Festival

Picture of Naming The Festival
One of the First things that you should do is name your film festival.
Every film festival has a name.

The better the name, the more interesting it will sound, and more people will look into it.

Here are some of my ideas for our film festival name:
  1. Greatest Film Festival on Earth
  2. Second Greatest Film Festival on Earth
  3. Cannes (ummm....is that taken?)
  4. Almost Perfect Film Festival
  5. Mr. Big and Tall Film Festival
  6. Sears Film Festival brought to you by Wal-Mart, for all of your filming needs.

Feel free to leave ideas in the comments, I will add them in here later.