Picture of How to Start and Organize a Film Festival
Film Festivals are a great way to showcase new movies that you and your classmates have produced.

While most film festivals will take a long time to prepare, they can also be done quickly, and less professionally at the high school level.

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Step 1: Naming The Festival

Picture of Naming The Festival
One of the First things that you should do is name your film festival.
Every film festival has a name.

The better the name, the more interesting it will sound, and more people will look into it.

Here are some of my ideas for our film festival name:
  1. Greatest Film Festival on Earth
  2. Second Greatest Film Festival on Earth
  3. Cannes ( that taken?)
  4. Almost Perfect Film Festival
  5. Mr. Big and Tall Film Festival
  6. Sears Film Festival brought to you by Wal-Mart, for all of your filming needs.

Feel free to leave ideas in the comments, I will add them in here later.

Step 2: Getting the Venue

Picture of Getting the Venue
You will need to book a venue for the festival.
This can cost a lot of money, and will need to be booked long in advance.

For instructional purposes, I am using the projector, and Smart Board in my Classroom.
The Smart Board is a great alternative to an expensive theatre that would cost thousands of dollars.

Step 3: Budget

Picture of Budget
You will need a budget
To get money specifically for the film festivals, you could create an entry fee, or even collect sponsorships.

If you are doing this for fun, on a small scale, such as in a classroom
there won't be much of a budget.

You could get a catering company to provide food. Or have the guests and movie makers bring their own food.

A popcorn machine would be an awesome addition to the festival and it would blow everyone's mind.