Picture of How to Stay Organized For School
Many people do not know how to organize their school supplies well, so they end up losing things, including assignments, pens, and pencils. This instructable will show you several ways to keep all of your supplies for school organized so that you do not lose any assignments or materials

Step 1: The Value of Quality Supplies

Picture of The Value of Quality Supplies
When you are out buying supplies for school, buy quality supplies. Don't get cheap products that you know will not last you the entire year. For example, get glossy plastic folders instead of the paper ones. Even though it may cost a bit more to get quality supplies, it will be worth it.

I never was organized at school. I had one notebook for most of my classes and a few dedicated for special ones I liked. Turned out pretty good for me.

Wee do u get an accordaian file like that

I substitute teach after 16 years in the classroom. I only remember a handful of students who had organized notebooks and used their personal or school issued planners on a regular basis. Most of the student's information can now be stored on any electronic device that almost every student has at their disposal during the school day. But your seven steps are still what is needed by high school students who are serious in getting a quality high school education. Thanks for putting this together.

Coach C

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ashleaf1 year ago
I like the knife in the first pic XD
antrobus4 years ago
I would rather get poor quality binders as long as it holds my stuff and doesn't break it works
You can reinforce your binders with duct tape. Just put a strip or strip and half on the spine (overlapping on to the front and back) and a half strip on each edge, with half of each strip on each side (inside and outside). It's even better if you get two colors and put a stripe down the spine.
loopyloop752 years ago
My school doesn't use textbooks. And when we rarely do look at textbooks, we don't keep them in our lockers. And my school have given us our own planners which double as hall passes but the worst thing is that how most middle/high schools let you carry your backpack well my school doesn't let us but this 'ible was good(sorry my thing is long)
gabbydawn2 years ago
We're did u buy the accordian folder ??
Dr. Who3 years ago
i like your folder, except, you know, its apple.
ilpug3 years ago
My best bit of advice for organizing is to not get a locker. Lockers allow you to leave stuff behind so much more easily.
My school gives out planners too and i thought it was a stupid waste of time but it helps me remember everything from homework to birthdays
mason01904 years ago
My school gives out planners, but they double as detention holders, triple as hall passes, quadruple as formulas and websites, quintouple as address books, and a whole nother word as student handbooks. You can get a detention if you're caught in the hall without one.
me 2 :( its stupid i think!
antrobus4 years ago
those kinds of locker shelves suck get I had this one that expanded and stuck to the walls of the locker
hintss5 years ago
you forgot the netbook in case you're permabanned from the computers like I was :), and Linux FTW!
what did you do to get perma-banned????
it rhymes with hatch while
Do you mean... *ahem*... Batch file?
BunnyLover4 years ago
My mothers office had several of the cloth ones so I "borrowed" one and use it for school and I haven't forgotten an assignment for the past month or so.
Comment on "Tip 2" . . .  Amen, brother.   Amen.  I have gone through so many plastic ones that rip within two or so day.  I tend to keep everything in them:  homework and all.

My new-ish cloth case has to be the strongest accordion file I've ever owned and has withstood everything I've thrown at it.  I bought it at staples for around $13.