Although you can’t destroy or directly rob an ATM in Grand Theft Auto IV, you can steal from its users, without limit, if you know how to cause a traffic jam.

Difficulty: Easy


Things You'll Need:

  • Grand Theft Auto IV
  • Xbox 360
  1. Find an ATM. There are no ATMs in Alderney, but several are scattered throughout Algonquin and Dukes/Broker. Only two ATMs are in Bohan—one is located just across the street from your safe house and the other is inside of the strip club. Whichever ATM you choose, be sure it is located on a street with moderate or heavy vehicle traffic and pedestrian traffic. Do not choose an ATM that is located inside of a building.

  2. 2

    Sit in a vehicle on the side of the street near the ATM and wait for a pedestrian to use the machine.

  3. Use your car as a blockade to prevent traffic from efficiently moving through the street near your ATM, then quickly kill the ATM user before he walks away.

  4. Take the money. The ATM user will drop the money he just withdrew from the ATM. Steal it before it disappears.

  5. Prevent the ambulance from reaching the victim. After you kill the victim, drivers nearby will likely flee their vehicles, worsening your initial traffic jam. The ambulance will soon arrive to administer aid to the victim. You must prevent the ambulance from reviving him if you want to keep taking his money.

  6. Walk away, then come back. After you’ve made sure that the ambulance cannot revive the dead pedestrian, walk away from the body—cross the street or walk down an alleyway—and come back. A glitch in the game will make the money the victim dropped reappear. Repeat this until you are satisfied with your loot

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