After learning about 123D Catch from Autodesk, I wanted to try it. I went to the Civic Center of San Francisco and took multiple pictures of one of the Equestrian Sculptures in the plaza. The following explains how I stole a piece of public art (sort of.)

Step 1: Camera Settings, and Photographing the Sculpture.

From everything I read about 123D Catch, it was crtical to have your camera settings consistent.

I set my camera ISO to 100, and shot aperture priortiy, with a +1 exposure compesation, at F/16. 

I swept around the sculpture, in a counter clockwise motion, photographing it from as many angles as I could. I eneded up with about 30 usable shots to make the model from.
<p>yes, that is the liberator Sim&oacute;n Bol&iacute;var, and the design was Scipio Todolini.</p>
<p>Who&acute;s the guy on the sculpture?... Simon Bolivar?.</p>
Keep in mind one of the things 123d recommends is background while taking pictures so that it has a better sense of the differences between the photos. Although with the little background you had it turned out pretty good!

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