Picture of How to Steal an Instructable
Stealing Instructables is a time-honored method of receiving acclaim and attention that lazy people would not otherwise receive. Plus, you can email your friends who would not normally visit the website and show them all the excellent work you've done, and they'll never know the difference. They'll be overly impressed and buy you dinner.*

There is a subtle art to taking that which isn't yours, and it all boils down to the golden rule: Do that which is the least amount of work. Now, on to acquiring your very own instructable!

*See step 5 to claim dinner prizes
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Step 1: Steal Original Ideas

Coming up with a good idea is often the hardest part of making a fantastic instructable. Luckily, you can just surf the forums and find plenty of mentions about instructables people are working on or think someone should make. If you choose an idea someone is working on, you should publish it quickly to support your case that you had the idea first. If they mention it in passing or otherwise indicate they have no intention of publishing it, you can procrastinate a little more. You may even want to wait until someone else does it, so you have something better to steal. The most important part is to make everyone think it was your idea.

~~In fact, this instructable idea was found while sifting through the forums.~~ I thought of this instructable entirely on my own. I know you're impressed.
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DJ Radio5 years ago
You can get banned for this stuff, if the ible you steal gets flagged and staff notices that there was another ible, they WILL check the post dates.
It was a joke DJ. Calm down. No one in their right mind would believe this.
I know its a joke. Besides, why the hell did you reply to a one month old comment.
I would guess that you stole his comment from some other ible and reposted it as your own here, thereby completing the cycle of plagiarism where nothing is original!!
no, I didnt. If I did, it was 100% unintentional.

lol so many replies

Who the heck are you?
Wait, who are you again? You do realized this was posted almost 1 year ago and I was joking and wasn't intending to be mean.
Nevermind. Miss judged your reaction.
And you apparently misjudged the date I posted this. I don't like getting replies to things I posted a year ago.
You don't?
I didn't know that
Dombeef, I don't understand why you're cluttering my email inbox, with these useless comments. Really now? Can you grow up?
I dont think that I replied to you in a long time, also I haven't made a useless comment in a while.

And it was a joke that was directed to DJ Radio, it just happened that your comment was a few lines above his, I am sorry about the notification that was sent to you. And I will think about growing up...
I believe he understood last year, but do you understand that your caps lock key is on?
Yes i was hoping to provoke a constructive reaction. Construction being a very vague, loose weave term.
There was no way you were trying to make a constructive comment...
Because he only saw it just now, which happens to be later than when you posted it?
pfred2 DJ Radio5 years ago
Congratulations for pulling through there for a whole solid month man. We were all worried for you. It may come as a surprise to you but some people still comment to this day about a little story named Epic of Gilgamesh too!

Maybe you should wait a few years before you read it yourself though. It can get a little racy in places.
Its like finding nemo for naked mole rats just keep digging just keep digging just keep digging digging digging
entirely so that you can ask
good comback :P
You get mad too easily...
I wasn't mad when I posted that comment. What made me mad was people who assumed I was mad.
I got lost.
Your main problem is that it comes at as you being mad so that's why people will think that.
They should at least add a disclaimer against it.
I originally had a disclaimer at the beginning, but Kiteman insisted that his ruined the joke, so the disclaimer was moved to the end. It does exist, however.
Dude, don't go around saying people copied others instructibals. That magic table thing was featured!
yokozuna (author)  wafflemaker8783 months ago

This instructable is nearly five years old, haha. Also, I totally made the magic table thing first.

ANDY!3 years ago
i believe that if someone's gonna copy another's 'ible, they should at least improve on the idea. Anyways, I thank everyone that looked at mine and copied it because it means it was a good idea (in my own demented mind)...
yokozuna (author)  ANDY!3 years ago
So what if someone copied yours, didn't do it as well (either in documentation or quality of product), then proceeded to lie about the results (which you spelled out step by step that wasn't true in your own)?
ANDY! yokozuna3 years ago
Can you say the question again?
yokozuna (author)  ANDY!3 years ago
It seems as if you are indirectly saying I should be flattered instead of taking offense to a copied ible. Normally, I would be, and have even happily worked with an author doing a very similar project to my own. However, in this case the author not only didn't give credit (which, when released to public domain as most of my instructables are isn't required), but talked about how much money would be saved when i carefully laid out the facts stating that the best you could break even. I didn't think that was a very cool thing to do to readers, thus, the sattire.
I miss that homepage, back when the only suckers were K'nexers and a few scattered noobs.
mrelement4 years ago
well thats not nice!
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