Learn how to stencil your own designs onto a t-shirt (or any other garment for that matter) using freezer paper

(note: this is my first Instructable, please comment!)

Step 1: Gather Materiels


freezer paper
fabric paint
paint brush
x-acto knife
cutting board
<p>Can you reuse the stencil?</p>
<p>This was a great intructable. Thank you because this really helped me out.</p>
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I just google the picture, since i have a Lcd Flatscreen monitor, I place paper on the monitor and trace the picture.
Don't confuse wax paper with freezer paper. Freezer paper only has wax on one side. Wax paper will not work correctly for this project.
Great instructable! Does the wax paper work on a leather jacket?
eh, applying an iron would ruin the leather though. its tough working with leather. no pun intended
I probably wouldn't try it, but I don't know. You could find a similar piece of leather and iron on some freezer paper to test it out.
Hey! Very good instructions. I only have one question...how long does this stencil last on a t-shirt, and if a spray paint would do to? Thanks
I've had mine for about 6 months and it's just fine. Although, to preserve it, you should hang it up to dry instead of using a clothes dryer. As for the spray paint, I have tried it and it won't set into the fabric. I believe that someone makes an aresol fabric paint, but I'm not 100% sure.
What's the possibility of adapting a normal oil based paint with alcohol, and using that to spray, and then I assume the alcohol with evaporate, leaving the paint?
there are aerosol fabric paints on the market, dont overthink this thing
Really, it wouldn't set into the fabric? I've had some spraypaint stains last longer than the actual factory designs on some of my clothes. But maybe I'm jsut inept with a washer...
lol, I can get things clean just fine. Except for spraypaint. Are you sure we're using the same kind of spraypaint?
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Nice one, FPS! Does the wax from the wax paper leave any kind of mark? Do you crumble it out of the fabric after, or just let it come out in the wash? What kind of freezer paper do you use?
yo....your torturial help me out alot thx
Wait... dude, you just melted wax on your shirt... when do you, better yet, HOW do you get it off?
Help! The wax paper isn't sticking to the t shirt when I iron it on. I'm using double sided-wax paper: is this the same thing as freezer paper?
Double sided wax paper is bad. The wax will melt onto your iron.
Oh! Inspiration from your shirt design. I at first thought it was supposed to be Iron Man's arc reactor showing through the shirt (like it was faintly glowing). I'm sure you can find glow in the dark fabric paint and make an arc reactor tee with glowing paint. But I soon realized it was the Portal logo. Still, nice job!
funny, i was thinking of doing something like this, but with the umbrella corp insignia on my bed covers and pillow cases xD oh and RESIDENT EVIL 1-3 + code:veronica X FTW!!!!!
portal is one of the best puzzle games ive every played PS: nice instructable
Nice twist at the end though.
Try out Quake3: DeFRaG - it's way harder, faster and not funny, but extremely adictive once you learned how to move correctly...<br/><br/>P.S.: yeah, great stuff here. Still didn't have the time to do a shirt on my own, but one day... one day I'll make the coolest shirt ever <sup></sup><br/>
The iron and wax paper = genius! I'm going to do this.<br/>
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Can you use fabric spray paint?
Can anyone recommend some good fabric paint? I tried making my own design once but it just washed off the first time through the laundry.
Did you let it dry overnight? What are you currently using?

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