This Instructable will cover the materials and methods necessary to sterilize things at home using a pressure cooker as an autoclave.  I have a huge Tuttnauer autoclave at work that I use all the time but sometimes when I’m at home I feel like sterilizing things that I use for various advanced home beer-brewing techniques.  If you want to sterilize autoclavable things at home as well, then you should obtain a pressure cooker.  I use a Fagor Rapid Express because that is the one that I was given at my wedding.    

Step 1: Read Your Pressure Cooker Instruction Manual (safety First!)

Read the pressure cooker instruction manual thoroughly.  The manual for my model can be found here: http://www.fagoramerica.com/content/download/8799/59673/file/U40A01911.%20Rapid%20Express%20Manual%202008.pdf You are dealing with super-heated steam inside of a pressure vessel.  You and you alone are the one who is ultimately responsible for your safety and the safety of those around you.  (Special Note: The manual for my pressure cooker explicitly states that the pressure cooker is not to be used on a propane burner and that it is for stovetop-use only.  Your manual might provide different instructions about this and many other things, so it is important that you know how to operate the unit that you own.)  I use my pressure cooker indoors, on my stovetop, because that is where I can prepare a semblance of a sterile environment.
<p>What's with the jar of urine? Brewing some Bud Light?</p>
<p>so i'm waiting for that petri dish version :)</p>
This one?: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-solid-culture-medium-plates-for-yeast-/<br><br>Or the one where I try to teach sterile/axenic techniques for yeast culture? Because if that's the one I referred to in the &quot;solid culture medium&quot; Instructable, then it is in the works in the next few weeks or so. I got a bottle of &quot;Mischief&quot; from 'The Bruery' today, which is a low-alcohol, unpasteurized, unfiltered beer made only with their house Belgian strain, so I figured it would be an awesome one to show people how to culture from.

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