Step 4: Pasting the Other Photos

Now you will paste your next photo to your panorama. If you don't remember how to do this, you can note to the beginning of step 3.

Before you paste the photo onto the image, zoom into a spot where you will notice a significant change to help yourself place the photo correctly. Note to the pictures for more detail.


Repeat this step as many times as necessary.
(PS: I hope you have saved this by now ;)


Once you have copied all your photos in and placed them correctly, note to the last picture on this step.
Pretty simple. Thanks for the idea.
<p>Thank you very much. I used to have stitch programs, but this is so much easier! </p>
thanks for this solution.
*can see the obvious seam*<br />
I use a Canon camera and with it is a CD with a stitch program. Once you download the pictures using the camera, the program automatically comes in and you just click it and it. I also use Picasa 3 to do some work on the pictures when it is in the computer prior to getting the Canon program to work.. My only problem comes when it has people in the series of pictures. The one located in the seem area who moved during the shoot maybe distorted but that does not pose a problem when it is just a still life or a view picture.
you guys just arent hardcore like luke and me, MS Paint ftw!!
wow, you really should use something like gimp, that way you can fade from one image to the next, because now there is a seam, and you can't create 360x180 panoramas
No, you should use something like panotools or autostitch that can actually do projection remapping. In this example you managed to fake it by just translating the images, but with most real scenes it won't work nearly as well. The optical physics in the lens just don't work that way. There might be a few tasks where Paint's advantage of being pre-installed on most computers outweighs its limitations compared to other tools that you have to download, but this isn't one of them.
This was just a way that you could use so you don't have to download anything. I'm sure if you spent a little more time on it than I did, you could get rid of the seam pretty easily with the spray can, or just aligning it better.

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