How to Stop Moles in the Garden


Introduction: How to Stop Moles in the Garden

Do you have problems with moles and rodents in your Garden? course you do. Them pesky little vermin are always digging large tunnels and eating my carrots and watermelon. Well here is a easy way to get rid of them(try saying that in a funny prospecter voice).

Now as it is spring I will have to describe this process

WARNING: This instructables will result in the death of Moles.

Step 1: Stuff You'll Need

Don't worry, the only thing you need is fruit flavored Gum like Wrigley's Juicy Fruit

Step 2: Placing the Gum

Now is the time to set out are Gum. You're going to have to look for some Mole holes in your Garden. When you have found some, tear off pieces of Gum and put a small peice in each hole. The moles will eat the gum and die. Now I don't like having to kill a bunch of little moles, but when they eat the fruit and vegetables in my Garden, they have to go.



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Or you could move to Ireland, we have no moles OR snakes

how about Voles....I think that's how you spell it.....good article......I have so many..

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this should work on voles. Good luck with the vole problem

Sorry to "burst your bubble", but moles do NOT eat watermelon or carrots or any other vegetable. They do make a big mess of your lawn by tunneling after the grubs and worms and other crawlies they et, but if something is eating your garden truck, its more likely a gopher or voles.

Kill 'em if you want, but keep your facts straight.

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Okay I guess you are right that moles do not eat vegetables or fruit, but A, they do eat earthworms that decompose any organic matter In the soil, And B, this method works on moles and other rodents, such as mice and voles. Guess I will update the instructable. Thank you for the info.

Hmmm... interesting! Does this work with other bitty garden pests/field mice etc?

As to the it a quick "offing" or do you think they linger? It shouldn't bother me...(especially after MaryAnne P's photo...those nails, yuk!)...but I wonder...

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it should work on field mice and other small, fruit eating creatures.

the gum kills the moles that are there, you will have to do this any time new moles move in.

In Germany they are under nature protection and it's simply illegal to kill them (sadly, since my garden looks awful since 2 years now).

how would you get the moles out of there tunnels after they eat the gum?

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I just leave them, in a year or two they will have decomposed.