Step 7: Apply new Thermal Grease

Picture of Apply new Thermal Grease
11b-LG F1 Laptop CPU Thermal Paste Applied.jpg
11c-LG F1 Laptop GPU Thermal Paste Applied.jpg
Place a very small blob of thermal grease (mine might be a little too much) on the CPU and GPU only. Do not place any on the heat exchanger as well. You only need to place thermal grease on one or the other. Use the wooden depressor, plastic knife or old credit card to spread it evenly and very thinly over the surface of the area of the CPU / GPU or heat exchanger that will come in contact with each other. More is not better in this case. Too much thermal grease will not cause better heat conduction but might even cause some heat build up.
wliu31 year ago
You seem to apply too much thermal paste. You will only need the size of a pea or less if you are doing on a laptop.
wliu3 wliu31 year ago
By the way, you don't need to spread the paste manually. As the heatsink goes back into its place, the paste will flow into a suitable position that works well. Also, if you spread the parse manually, you may eventually end up with gaps between the heatsink and the paste, which you won't want to have.
zenpill2 years ago
Very clear step by step instructions. I followed them with no problem for my Lenovo SL400.

Many thanks,