How to Stop a Bike With Minimal Skidding.





Introduction: How to Stop a Bike With Minimal Skidding.

Here is an instructable on how to stop a bike with minimal skidding. Im not responsible for any injury caused.

Step 1: Breaking

Instead of jamming the back brakes, gently pull the front break.

Step 2: Getting Lift

do a tiny endo not like in the pic, lets say an inch.

Step 3: Alternate the Brakes

Now when the back wheel touches the ground, use those brakes for a few sec. then go back to the front brakes and so on. Or if you are lazy, just lock the back brakes and alternate the front break.



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when i need to stop really fast, i just hold in the back brake not all the way but close to all the way while sitting down and i almost throw myself over the handlebars... i ride a 20" bmx with no front brakes...

i think one if the best ways of braking is to pull the front brake but whilst also applying, taking off and then re-applying the back brake constantly and this slows you down alot faster. good instructable though

I do it the other way round, I apply the rear brake to start slowing me down, then when I really need to stop I start to apply the front brakes, I usually stop pretty quickly with no tyre tracks left behind me... :) Applying the front brakes first is just suicide waiting to happen, especially if you have a solid frame bike (no suspension)... :S

Actually, I just loosened the front brake so I dont lift in the back, and just hold both brakes.

sorry,no front breaks on a bmw racing bike

ya thats wat i do anyway

this makes sense, but you MST practice this alot before it can be trusted - using the front brakes without using the back breaks at the same time can vault you over the handlebars.