How to Stream Media to Almost Every Internet Enabled Device





Introduction: How to Stream Media to Almost Every Internet Enabled Device

Well, I've been looking for a good way to do this for a while. I've been looking at programs to stream media to my wii from my computer's hard drive. I wanted to be able to watch movies on my wii, play my music with my wii, and other things. This program does much more.

      The program is called Weezo. I know, it sounds kind of like Japanese bubble gum, but that's no reason to doubt this program. Here are devices I KNOW will work. Pretty much everything with internet access will. These devices include: Wii, PC's, Macintoshes, iPod Touches, xbox 360, PS3, Pretty much all smartphones, and maybe some not so intelligent cell phones, and PDA's. And you can get all your media all around the world (with internet access. Chill in a coffeeshop and watch movies from your PC. Yeah, I know, mind blowing.

This can be installed on:

Oh, and it's 100% free.

Step 1: Download It!

Go to and download the Software! This may take a bit.

Step 2: If You Had a Problem in Step 1:

You probably had an issue with step 1. Let's make some changes, if you did.

First Picture: Go to Network Connections, right click the one you use, and press properties. Then select Internet Protocol and press properties.

Second Picture: Change ONLY if I EXCLUSOVELY TELL TOU TO!

Third Picture: Open up properties again, switch to advanced tab, click on settings.

Fourth Picture: Do What it says.

Fifth Picture: Configuring Kapersky, if you have it. Other antiviruses may be similar.

6th Picture: Configuring a WRT54G Router because they are very common. Go to in the address bar to get here. If you changed it, I can't help you.

7th Picture: Go to Applications and Gaming.

Step 3: Using Weezo.

If step 2 didn't let you start up Weezo, ask on the forums.

Follow the pictures.

Step 4: All Done!

Hope you have fun with it. To access it, go to




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    why is it in french?

    Quite frankly, I would have to assume that the sofware was written by a french speaker or team.

    I see what you did there...

    as a linux user, i have to argue with your definition of free. free means you can go, make your version, then go put it on bittorrent. anyway, I couldn't find a linux version.

    I think that you are getting the term 'free' mixed up with 'Open Sourced'.

    While this program is free of cost and free to run, it is not open-sourced and is copyrighted.

    I'm saying that we have a different definition of free, which is analogous to open source. see page 10011 in xkcd volube: 0

    I also see that while the older versions were availible for all operating systems, this one seems to not be for Linux or OSX. Although I assume if you are a knowlegeable user, you have probably heard of programs such as Wine, correct?

    If you try it out on Linux via Wine, let me know if it works.

    if u cant stand it only being in french try orb instead