Picture of How to Stream Minecraft to Twitch on a Mac.

This is an instructable on how to stream your minecraft gaming sessions to

To begin this instructable you need:

1) A migrated minecraft/mojang account (if you sign in to minecraft with your e-mail address, you have this)

2) A account

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Step 1: Sign in

The first step is to sign into your mojang and accounts in your web browser.

Step 2: Connect your accounts.

Picture of Connect your accounts.

Click on the 'connect to twitch account' button in your mojang settings to link your twitch and mojang accounts.

Step 3: Success!

Picture of Success!

Now sign into minecraft and press the f6 button on your keyboard (make sure you are using minecraft 1.7.4 or above). It should ask you to download soundflower (here is the download link).

Step 4: DONE!

Picture of DONE!

Once you have downloaded soundflower you should be able to stream to twitch at any time by pressing f6 in-game.

Thank's I was wondering how to do this!
photoace12 (author)  Instructable_Genius10 months ago

no problem

hello fello dog loving starnger

LiamR5 months ago

mojang can you add in minecraft xbox brordcast setting and were you can link it up to your twich account pls :]