Ear stretching originated from tribes in Africa, Eurasia, and other indigenous lands. It was practiced for cultural, religious, and traditional purposes. Today, it is a body modification to show individuality and stretched lobes is more of a fashion statement.

Step 1: Caution!

Before Stretching, it is important to remember that the larger you stretch, the least likely your ear hole will return to its normal size or even close up. There is a "point of no return" which is said to be between 0g, and 2g. This number can vary between different people significantly, because everyone's skin structure and elasticity is different. THIS IS A COMMITMENT! If you go too large, or your ears do not close up, the only way to get your ears to their old shape would be to get them sewn up and fixed by a plastic surgeon.
How long do u wait to go up
<p>1-2 months. Sounds like a long time but if you don't, you run the risk of not only a blowout, but scarring which is keeps the ears from healing properly should you ever want to go back down in size.</p>
<p>Interesting. Of course, this is a personal choice, which is not for me. I can't help wondering what they will look like when you're 80 years old !</p>
Exactly how old does the woman in the picture above look to you?
im pretty sure when youre 80 you will have more problems than saggy earlobes. just saying ??
I am at a 2g I just took my tunnel out to clean it and tried to put it back in and slightly ripped my ear and it started bleeding. I have done research and I remembered to go down a size and to soak my ear in sea salt water. So my right ear is a 4 again. Most people shove it back in that is so stupid and irresponsible.
<p>Its amazing how comment after comment is just people saying &quot;No, no! Not for me!&quot; Just wondering why these people would even look up this instructable in the first place? <br><br>As for bfarm, the one who made the joke about the job interview? Stretched ears are so common now that most places don't even care. Its not a health hazard in any way, and there are lots of plugs to wear to make it look like you are just wearing regular earrings if you're really paranoid about it. <br><br>To the people saying it looks too painful: looking painful and actually being painful are two very different things. Having stretched ears isn't any more painful than having a regular ear piercing. It doesn't feel like anything, it doesn't hurt; its purely aesthetic.<br><br>Anyone who wants gauged ears (or thinks they might) can easily try out the look with &quot;fakers,&quot; regular earrings made to look like stretched ears, this kind of jewelry is commonly available at malls and online. </p>
salute. thats what i did, i was wearing a variety of the fakes for 2 weeks before i decided to finally go through and start the process. ? And you're totally right jobs dont care about stretched ears anymore. My dad got his stretched about 6 years ago. And at first some places gave him a hard time but body mods are so common now it doesnt matter.
Amen sista
<p>im at 10mm i had a blowout at that size i left it at a 10 and cleaned it with salt water twice a day for a week and it healed never rush please i kn ow from first hand im planning on going to a 14mm i am 16 years old and male</p>
<p>While it is possible to stretch your ears successfully yourself, it's also VERY easy to make a mistake and potentially damage your piercings permanent. Here are some thought we have on stretching with tapers:<br><br>http://blog.saintsabrinas.com/2014/12/19/tapers-stretching-dont-sell/</p>
<p>im down </p>
<p>amen! hrvatska</p>
<p>nuh uh! not for me!</p>
<p>too weird/painfull</p>
O_O ............um no thanks. Good tutorial, but no.
Civilization is just one instructable away from dancing naked around they campfire
Good luck with that job interview.
Nicely written, but looks too painful :) I will pass.
Nice write-up, but it is sooo not for me! <br> <br><sub>(As for doing it for &quot;individuality&quot;, there are days when I feel like the odd one out because I <em>don't</em> have modified body parts...)</sub>

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