How to Strip Wire (Without a Wire Stripper)





Introduction: How to Strip Wire (Without a Wire Stripper)

This is a method of stripping wire that one of my friends showed me. I noticed that I use wire for a lot of projects and don't have a wire stripper. This way is useful if you don't have a wire stripper and you're either broke or too lazy to get one. It may seem like it takes a while to do, but once you get used to it it barely takes any time at all. This method is similar to the one by Weissensteinburg, but my friend said that this way may be better for the wire (less likely to damage it) but I'm not sure. Feedback is always appreciated!

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Step 1: Materials

A utility knife (see pictures)
Your wire
Good lighting
A marker

*Optional (Only needed if your sharp knife can't make it through the wire)

Step 2: Wire Lengths

Measure out the lengths of wire that you need and cut them. You can use your utility knife, or scissors if the utility knife doesn't make it through. I just used the knife. If you decide to cut using the knife, position your finger/thumb on top of the knife and use the tip of the blade to cut. It will work better that way.

Step 3: Mark

Using the marker, make a mark about half a cm from the end of the wire on each side. This isn't strictly neccesary but helps you to see where to cut, which is helpful if you have very small wires or bad lighting.

Step 4: Scoring

Now, begin scoring around the spot you marked. This is where the good lighting begins to become important to see your marks and where you cut. Score around the entire wire and try not to nick the actual wire. The whole key is finding the right amount of pressure. You have to make it so it cuts through but doesn't damage the actual wire. This is easy after a couple of tries. Here is the method I use.

Hold wire down

Apply pressure with knife

Keep pressure applied and turn wire

...Which now brings us to the next step.....

Step 5: Tip Removal

Now you should see a tiny bit of copper/what-ever-your-wire-is-made-of peeking through all the way around the wire, like in the picture. If you can see this all the way around, grab the end and pull it off. If not, keep cutting. Look at the pictures if this step is at all confusing.

Now just repeat for the other end, and the other wires.

Step 6: There You Have It

And there you have it, an easy way to strip wire without wire strippers. If you have any suggestions or problems, please tell me.



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I am trying to strip a wire for an electrical outlet!!!


I use a vegetable peeler works fine

I use a pocket knife, and have learned how to nick the cover enough to strip the wire without touching the write. Works every time. it takes practrice, but after over 50 years of electronics, it's easy. Try it, you'll find it easy once you master the technicque.

Myself, I prefer to cut the wire with a razor knife but, instead of cutting the wire all the way around and taking the chance of damaging the actual wire. I cut the wire along it's length and, then peal the wire back as far as I need and, then just clip it off.

I have a CopperMine Manual Wire machine, which is very great for me. I achieve a best result quickly and easily with this machine when I remove the coating of wires or cables without any hitches. really no hitches. Check out where I buy from here.

Awesome DIY guide on stripping wire. Although I work alot with wire I have been making a killing lately with my StripMeister Automatc Wire Stripping Machine.

Easier way: Just tear both ends of the wire(s) with your teeth!
*Make sure to was your mouth after that!*

Scissors work well too, you hold the wire against the blades and as you cut they split a bit which allows them to strip the wires.