Of course there isn't anything wrong or un-special about just wrapping a gift and giving it, but a great way to have a person remember and really enjoy receiving their gift,  is to hide it, and  force the unsuspecting givee to go on a treasure hunt for it! 
This is of course a little easier said then done.. but in the end it will be something memorable and special for you and the recipient. 

Step 1: Prep the Gift

First you need to choose the gift you're going to hide . I highly recommend wrapping this gift, so the recipient will know it's their gift.
There are exceptions of course, such as flowers, and in cases where your recipient will know it's for them, but as a general
rule I like the wrap the gift. 
Another good thing about wrapping, especially smaller gifts, is that if it slips from it's hiding place, say in the branch of a tree, and falls onto, say some grass, it won't get lost because the bright wrapping paper will catch the treasure seeker's eye. 

<p>This is a new App to hide a gift!</p>
lol i know the perfect way to hide something cause of this instructable(its not a gift) so the idea ismake a hole in a realy thick book(like a dictianary)and put the object inside so then but it in a cardboard box with some other junk and put it inthe atic after you seal the box with packing tape and stack other boxes on it and cover it with an old sheet and then put some other junk/trash on it <br>the perfect hiding place wouldnt you say that would be hard to find if you didnt know it was there(i bet it would be)
This is great! My dad used to make treasure maps for us to find presents all the, it was frustrating but I loved it.
Ditto! I need to give major thanks to my dad for doing this when I was young and teaching me how to do it!

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