Step 3: How to Use the DemocraKey

Picture of How to Use the DemocraKey

This is the anti virus software. Run this program to scan any computers you donâ't trust. It will take a while to scan, but it's very effective. You'll usually want to select the C drive.


This is the portable, secure email client. It uses GPG to encrypt emails you want to keep secure. Clicking it will start a wizard to walk you through its setup.

Torpark DemocraKey Mod

Finally we come to the meat and potatoes of the DemocraKey. This is a security enhanced version of the Mozilla 2.0 web browser, incorporating TOR seamlessly. Click this link, and you're presented with a very familiar interface, after you connect to the TOR network.

Clicking the onion icon enables TOR and lets you circumvent your school/employer's web blocker. It also allows you to surf anonymously, and doesn't leave a trace of the websites you visit. In addition, you can visit "questionable" sites safely, because Firefox 2.0 has layers of protection from unscrupulous sites. You know you're surfing anonymous when the tool bar onion is on.