Introduction: How To: Survival Spoon

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> A leaf or foil

> your hands

Step 1: The Foil

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Lay the foil flat and smooth

Step 2: The Coil

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Now start to rap the foil in a cone.

After, flatten the bottom part. It should look like the picture in part 3

Step 3: The Stem

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It should look like this. Now you can smooth and fix the ugly bits.

Step 4: The Satisfaction

Picture of The Satisfaction

You just made an awesome survival spoon. This can also help you survive when you for get your spoon at your home, and are at school or work. Hope you enjoyed!


Survivorkidjr (author)2014-04-22

I would rather make it into a bowl to boil water or cook

mshafin (author)Survivorkidjr2014-04-22


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