Welcome everybody! Thanks for viewing! This instructable is about how to survive high school. These tips are amassed from myself, good friends, and wikiHow, so it's a little long. I hope y'all find this very helpful. 

Step 1: Check Out Your School's Website

Before school starts, check out your school's website. There's bound to be useful stuff, such as a bell schedule and school map. These will be extremely helpful those first couple of weeks of a new grade level.
Dear Booknerd15,This was really helpful,thank you,I'm quite an overachiever (like my name)but I'm going to high school in 3 days(I'm south african) and I really want to know how to balance sport and academics (I do a lot of sports and well, this is high school so it will be a lot of work) any advice??
really like this. as summer holiday is coming up ill make sure I have everything on the list im a bit wierd. I dont like un organised stuff down to the last word. I live in the uk so we dont get lockers :( lucky Americans. thanks make more of these!
I live in England and this year I am in year 8 (second year of secondary school) I am also kind of a err... nerd... I go to a grammar school. This really will help year sevens, or first years as I know what it's like being one of those and by the way the year goes sooo quickly!!
Hi Bellie14! Thanks for commenting! I think you're the first person who's commented who lives in another country! Thank you for your kind words. I love to hear from readers! I'm glad this will help out the first years. I hope freshmen (American first years) and first years alike find this helpful! Thanks once again for commenting!
Very informative and well laid out

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