Picture of How to Survive High School
Welcome everybody! Thanks for viewing! This instructable is about how to survive high school. These tips are amassed from myself, good friends, and wikiHow, so it's a little long. I hope y'all find this very helpful. 
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Step 1: Check out your school's website

Picture of Check out your school's website
Before school starts, check out your school's website. There's bound to be useful stuff, such as a bell schedule and school map. These will be extremely helpful those first couple of weeks of a new grade level.

Step 2: Get a Good Backpack

Picture of Get a Good Backpack
If you're an overachiever like me, chances are you'll be carrying around more than just binders and folders (i. e. library books, items for school projects, etc.). Get an actual backpack, not just a large purse or book bag. These will wear on your shoulder and neck muscles if your purse or book bag weighs more than 3 lbs. I recommend getting a backpack with padded shoulder straps (no string bags!) and even a padded back, if you can find it.  

Step 3: Be on Time to Class

Picture of Be on Time to Class
This is a really simple task, but be on time. If you rack up tardies, you'll have consequences such as lunch detention, after-school "tardy party", calls home, etc. It's a pain to deal with those things and it ticks off your teachers, so just get to class on time.

Step 4: Listen and Pay Attention

Picture of Listen and Pay Attention
Your teachers know what they're doing when they teach, so listen up. Plus, teachers get really irritated with people who don't listen and "disrupt the learning process." If they tell you to save something, save it. It will help when you are reviewing for tests. Paying attention in class will allow you to learn more and will also make both reviewing and actually taking those tests and quizzes a lot easier than just cramming. 
ninkynic1 year ago
really like this. as summer holiday is coming up ill make sure I have everything on the list im a bit wierd. I dont like un organised stuff down to the last word. I live in the uk so we dont get lockers :( lucky Americans. thanks make more of these!
Bellie141 year ago
I live in England and this year I am in year 8 (second year of secondary school) I am also kind of a err... nerd... I go to a grammar school. This really will help year sevens, or first years as I know what it's like being one of those and by the way the year goes sooo quickly!!
booknerd15 (author)  Bellie141 year ago
Hi Bellie14! Thanks for commenting! I think you're the first person who's commented who lives in another country! Thank you for your kind words. I love to hear from readers! I'm glad this will help out the first years. I hope freshmen (American first years) and first years alike find this helpful! Thanks once again for commenting!
Very informative and well laid out
booknerd15 (author)  SecondWinter2 years ago