Introduction: How to Survive Rocket Attacks

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I live with my wife and children in the Southern Israeli city of Beer Sheva. Recently the city has received rocket fire from Hamas terrorists living in Gaza. The intention of this instructable is not to be political but to offer a "How to Survive Guide" in the event you might be under rocket fire.

This video was posted by university student Morag Agmon.  The rocket landed in an area between the student dorms and pubs.

Step 1: Determine Your City's Proximity

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Understanding where your city is located is important to your survival. This will determine the type of rocket and its range. A siren or "Color Red Warning" will alert you to an incoming rocket. Beer Sheva for instance is 24 miles (40km) from the Gaza Strip. From the time the siren is sounded, Beer Sheva residents have 1 minute to find shelter. On the other hand, the city of Sderot, 1.2 miles (2 km) away from the Gaza boarder, has 15 seconds.

Step 2: Find Shelter

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In the event the siren is heard, find shelter fast. In the case for our family, our 1.5 year old's room doubles as a security room. Its like a bomb shelter with extra thick walls, a large steel plate covering the window, special ventilation, and a steel door. We moved our bed into the shelter last week in case we didn't wake up in the middle of the night from the siren.

For more information, visit the IDF home front instructional video.
How to behave in a Qassam Rocket or Mortar Attack

Step 3: Supplies

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Its important to pray for the best but prepare for the worst. We keep water and food handy. Israel also distributes gas masks to its citizens in the event of a chemical or biological attack.

Step 4: Pray This Will Be Over Soon

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aristide202 (author)2012-05-16

I suggest an extra reinforced table for extra inside protection against ceiling heavy debris

strambeer (author)aristide2022012-05-16

No need, the ceiling the safe room is also reinforced.

ArduFun (author)strambeer2016-02-11

wow...... this comments section ended up to be quite a warzone..... good advice. I live in africa so rockets are not the thing, riots are. maybe everyone should just eat more cabage or realize that this life we have could be the only self aware time we will ever have and wasting it on pointsless heated comments seems pointless.

aristide202 (author)strambeer2012-05-17

I mean a reinforced dining table. If a few kilos rocket strikes your lemon trees it's a problem
but if strikes the roof of your home that could be the problem . Also if it does not blast down the ceiling it imagine for sure some concrete debris falling, I talked with people as my two parents involved in heavy bombings and air strikes and I realized that minor protections also can make some difference in some case. I looked at the map, it seems that closer the lighter rockets but much more you are targeted, is that how it goes?

regener8 (author)2009-01-04

I'm part Jewish (not bar mitzvah'd tho), but I still have to laugh at the fact that your one year old sleeps on a money pillow. No offense, just enjoying a joke.

aristide202 (author)regener82012-05-16

what's the difference between a safe and a pillow? Ask a jew

dudeman7007 (author)regener82011-07-26

you cant be part jewish.....

strambeer (author)regener82009-01-05

Thanks for the post. Actually the pillow is mine. You technically had a Bar Mitzvah when you turned 13. The ceremony has nothing to do with you being Jewish, its only only tradition. On your next vacation, you should come visit Israel. Its a beautiful country rich in history and culture. Good Luck

jongscx (author)strambeer2009-01-05

...maybe when things settle down...

Ph3nomin0n (author)jongscx2009-01-05

Very true. Thats like planning a trip to Iraq to see the ruins of Babylon :)

nacho2100 (author)Ph3nomin0n2009-01-06

ive been to Israel as a student on a summer program during the second lebanon israel war, and it was incredibly safe. if you have excuses you never going to experiance the beauty and magnificence of Israel. you got to have some guts

FrozenIce (author)nacho21002011-03-01

did u mean 2006?

Ph3nomin0n (author)nacho21002009-01-06

and risk having them blown out? No thank you. We all have different amounts of "guts" and and mine do not permit me to travel during war time

spartanthree8 (author)Ph3nomin0n2010-08-04

also it is a very beautiful country and very worth seeing

spartanthree8 (author)Ph3nomin0n2010-08-04

grow some balls!

spartan 2209 (author)strambeer2010-06-15

I'm American and I have to say that Israel is my favorite country. It even says (loosely translated) in my religion "He he curses Israel, himself shall be cursed" I'm not Jewish but I respect you guys for fighting hard for what you believe in and if I'm ever ordered to fire upon an Israeli in the Marine Corps I'd rather die.

kidharris (author)2012-04-21

This guy is just trying to give some advice on how to help keep your family members alive in a specific war zone and you jokers want to turn it into a political forum.

My 2cents....some people think that they are smarter than what they really are and that the majority of other people are stupider than them. Brainwashed people don't know that they are brainwashed. Stupid people are too stupid to know that they are stupid.

If you identify closely with any religion or political party, unless you're at the top, then the chances are that one or more of those 3 statements applies to you and you are just being used.

xarlock667 (author)2010-06-03

Out of simple curiosity, why don't you just move to a safer location? Or perhaps simply wipe out the Palestinians? I would say that this cannot go on forever, but clearly it can. Get your family and child the hell out of there and to a better place.

jcaleb (author)xarlock6672010-06-03

I agree-  Im sure it is just a part of life there, but you would think that it would be worth it to move to a safer location... Although, that me be just what the attackers want,  to scare them of the land.

Nice instructable by the way. :)

xarlock667 (author)jcaleb2010-06-03

Ever seen Isreal? It is not exactly the prettiest country on the face of the earth. The Palestinians are pissed over what they precieve as the Isreali's stealing their land. In point of fact, the Israelis did not steal it, they bought it. Then in the war of independance, they made it their own. The Palestinians in the country were given the option of staying, and most chose exile. But this land has been contested for thousands of years anyway. The Israelis are just the current tenants. They believe that it is land their god gave to them, and they will hold on to it as long as they can.

Honestly, I do not understand wanting to move smack dab in the center of an entire region of nations that want to kill you. There is better land to be had for less money in places where no one cares what your religion is. I admire their spirit, but consider them to be mentally ill, or masochistic.

Fujo (author)xarlock6672010-06-16

Actually the Palestinians have a right to be pissed. The Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands is an ILLEGAL one as per UN Security Council Resolution 242 but because israel = Little America this has never been enforced.

xarlock667 (author)Fujo2010-06-16

The UN is a joke. It always has been. NOTHING that they make rules on can do anything unless the US says so, because they DO NOT have their own army. Without an army, they are a government composed of nothing but politicians and spies with no one to govern, and no way to govern them. That was never their intended purpose anyway. They were created so that the world's leaders could meet and talk without doing so in a battlefield. I feel that the US should withdraw from the UN, remove it's hand from world politics, and leave everyone else the hell alone. The world can support the UN, or the UN can crumble. Either way. As soon as we are independant of oil, we need to target enemy states like Saudi Arabia and Iran, and preemptively destroy them. Send a message to the rest of the world that you can hate us all you want, but if you attack us, we will exterminate you.

Fujo (author)xarlock6672010-06-16

Yes america should leave the UN but for different reasons. I know its unlikely that you will be able to step back and look at the situation objectively because of the American propaganda machine but Saudi Arabia and Iran and the middle east in general have been exploited by america and if people in any of those countries do hate americans its because of the actions of your government and exploitive industries. It is not helped by ignorant attitudes like yours. Do you realise that the US war OF terror is mainly because of your war machine's and economy's dependence on oil. Without war's and fearmongering how else can the government justify the money it spends on the military and the rights it takes from its citizens! Nobody else in the world is surprised by the despicible tactics of the "mighty" US government - ask people around the world and they'll tell you that all America does is bully smaller nations. Wake up America!

xarlock667 (author)Fujo2010-06-16

You are confused. I never said I was pro America, or pro American policy. Once the US stopped using the Constitution, I lost all faith in them. Any nation that will willingly give up it's freedoms is not worthy of having them. I think the best thing for the world in general is for the US to break up, have a good civil war, and get back together. It worked the last time. What I said was that the best foreign policy for America is to gain energy independence, Withdraw from world affairs, and attack it's enemies from a position of strength. This is irrespective of who caused what. I don't actually care. I will say this though, when you look for economic exploitation in Iran, and Saudi Arabia, you have to look no further than your leaders. They rake in hundreds of billions a year, and most of your nations people live in squalor. Rather than invest in industry, train your people in electronic, manufacturing and other skills, they simply ignore the peasants as the trash they perceive them to be and use Islamic clerics to keep them in check. Religion is a great control. Especially when it is one as strict as Islam, and clerics have such sweeping power. It allows those in power to oppress those below them. In Europe, the Catholics held similar powers for centuries, in India it was the priests of Brahma, in China it was the Emperor who was perceived as a living god. ALL of these nations have suffered a dark age as a result of religious oppression. I hope the Middle East ends theirs soon.

you must be out of your mind to go wishing for war on countries you most likely do not know. Is a country that wages war and kills thousands in the process any better than a country that kills thousands of their citizens in order to stay in control? I think all murder & war is equally bad, and thus your are bad for wishing for it.

There are between 6 and 8 BILLION people on the Earth. We have geometric population growth and in a few short decades we will be killing each other over simple access to water and food. If you can't get along and you are too stupid to move to where you can, the your only solution is war. We have been killing each other for more than 10,000 years and I do not see us stopping any time... Well anytime ever. War is fun! You get to get shot at, gassed, blown up and quite possibly buried alive in a mass grave! So go out and get some war today!

A-Nony-Mus (author)xarlock6672011-03-27

If you think war is fun, talk to war veterans (any country) and ask them how fun it is.

Fujo (author)xarlock6672010-06-16

Energy independence is a good foreign policy for every country but achieving it by waging war against the countries that have what you want isn't the way to go about it. I'm not from the middle east - I'm from Ireland so my leaders haven't raked in billions every year from exploitation. Not to say that some of Irelands leaders aren't corrupt because I'm quite sure that they are but they are corrupt in domestic policy so it only affects the Irish. I agree that religion is great for controlling the masses and islam is strict but if you think that america uses religion to control its citizens any less than the middle east then you are niave. How many fundamentalist christians are in the white house??? I think that if America's religious oppression should end and that when it does it will stop alot of the worlds problems.

xarlock667 (author)Fujo2010-06-16

Funny! But no, I oppose the entire judeo/christian/islamic religious structure. All of it without fail, or exception. The world would be far better off without that nonsense. America does partake in religious control of the masses. But we do not yet have a "Follow Jesus or die!" policy either. We survived our dark age, and America was founded with the idea that you could do whatever you wanted religion wise here. I am a Pagan, and I live smack in the middle of the Bible Belt, and the most I have suffered through is Jehovah's Witnesses knocking on my door at 8:00am. terrifying isn't it?

Refrain from personal comments when discussing world affairs with me. You are not where I can put my hands on you, or vice versa, and I do not do name calling or insult games with children.

We did not attack Afghanistan for religious reasons. It is the only war that we are now engaging in that makes any sense. They harbored Bin Laden, refused to give him up, and told us to go to hell. That was... Unwise. I do not believe Iraq was anything but an oil war, or W getting revenge for daddy. I hate the Bushes.

America exploits everyone. Including Americans. We have a Lezes Fair economy that allows for just that. Don't like it? Don't buy from us. I wouldn't. But all the good stuff is cheap and easily attainable from Wal Mart! You know, that company that strangles small business, and pays it's workers less than a living wage! It is SO tempting. It is just not as easy as walking away.

I have NEVER heard of a corrupt Irish politician. At least not outside of a joke. That is not to say they do not exist, but to say that I do not follow Irish politics. I have no need or interest.

Now you said that: "Energy independence is a good foreign policy for every country but achieving it by waging war against the countries that have what you want isn't the way to go about it."

They do not have what we want. That is not what we mean by energy independence. What we mean is energy independance through CLEAN energy. All over Texas and Montana we have HUGE wind farms that collect thousands of megawatts every day. We are opening nuclear power plants for the first time in decades. We are piling cash into alternative fuels, and into electric and hybrid vehicles. If you still rely on a fuel supply that is owned by your enemy, you are not independent.

And make no mistake: they are our enemy. Unlike most Americans I am not remotely afraid of evil terrorists. I just politely ask that they come to the southern states to terrorize. I do believe that they would have MUCH more fun doing it in Texas with people that want to kill them as much as they do. And are about as well equipped. The terrorists that attacked on 9/11/01 were primarily Saudi. But they did not train there. They trained first in Afghanistan, then in the US. (They learned to fly here). Terrorists are international by nature. In this case they were able to change identities, travel from country to country, and plot and train because they had state sponsors. These states are Iran, Saudi Arabia, and others.

There is a saying "A friend of my friend is an ally. A friend of my enemy is an enemy." If you ally your self with terrorists, you will find yourself on the wrong end of a beat down administered by Uncle Sam. We were long content to ignore international terrorism so long as it stayed off our shores. That is no longer the case. Now we will happily chase you all over the world, and violate all kinds of rights and laws and never think twice about it so long as in the end you die. Americans are peace loving. But we love a good war also.

afridave (author)xarlock6672010-10-13

You make good sense and talk straight and i like that.I am not into waging war for the sake of waging war but if looked at in a historical sense (objective) what is happening now has always happened.US troops and navy are doing exactly (in a general sense) what the British troops and royal navy were doing when they were the pre eminent unopposed force on earth.Before them there were the ottomans and the spanish.and the romans and the greeks,persians,egyptians all these empires used similar methods.
If all US troops disapeared of the face of the earth today some other most powerful nation would quickly emerge to play exactly the same role that the US is now playing (world policeman).And yes there predominant motive would also be the oil.As is the US opponents (isalamic) prime motivating force.
Personally i think the Us is doing a rather good job up too now (it is not possible to please everyone) and if anything they are rather subdued and as soldiers pretty soft in the way they handle occupations etc.
I cant help to think that is the Russians or Chinese were fullfilling this role there would be a lot more violence and bloodshed and general nazi behavior in the middle east that there is.
And god help us when a super power radical islamic state is trying to force allah down the rest of the worlds throat.It will be very similar to the inquisition and the spanish catholic extermination in south america.

xarlock667 (author)afridave2010-10-13

I can picture a superpower Arab state. It would look like Iran, but bigger. You know the sad part is that as a people, they are very intelligent. But because of the anti-everyone and everything policy set out by the Koran, they have boxed themselves off from learning anything. A form of self imposed stupidity that keeps them from advancing in any sector that matters anymore. They have NO real industry, they have no technology development, and they still think digital watches are pretty neat in some areas. If it were not for them having ONE vital resource, and a great willingness to die, then I would say they simply did not matter at all on a world scale. Take away their oil, and they are NOTHING.

afridave (author)xarlock6672010-10-13

yip i think islam is in a kind of crisis similar to catholism in the 14 and 15 hundreds where the church put a stupid,dogmatic (childish) stranglehold on all thought and action.
But galleaos and copernicuses and da vincis will arise and be heard. yip hundreeds of years of warfare and murder and stupidity will follow (thats whats happening right now) but thats just the way it is and really this is the only solution that there is for the middle east.
Ever since i was a young kid all ive ever heard is about the middle east crisis and multiple peace talks, treaties ,wars,occupations etc etc has not altered the situation one little bit.
In our lifetime i think oil is always gonna pre dominate Us (and everyone else) foriegn policy but the west is starting to think out of the box and alternate energy is starting to look feasible and human tenacity and ability to make it work will get in right eventually.never underestimate the power of the human mind we are indeed an immortal species if we wish to be.

xarlock667 (author)afridave2010-10-14

I am absolutely sure that we COULD be immortal as a species, but first we have to get off this rock, and fins suitable new ones. Also banning religion might go a LONG way as well toward stability as a species. I do not see it happening in our life times. Rather I see MANY catechisms in the road ahead, and us blindly barreling into them rather than preventing them. It is the human way to do things in the stupidest way conceivable when it comes to politics.

A-Nony-Mus (author)xarlock6672011-03-27

First, banning religion is the WORST possible way to achieve stability, you will end up in a war unlike any other.
Second, the founding fathers of the United States were willing to die to grant religious freedom. Anyone, anywhere in the world does them a disservice by suggesting we ban one of the basic right they were willing to give their lives for.

afridave (author)xarlock6672010-10-14

yip and we will get of this rock and colonize the solar system and beyond,and that day will be the new dawning of human history...year 0 for the future......but alas i already see the lunar war of independance and the marshian civil war etc etc please read some of my other comments ive added to this site especially the paintball idea an tell me what you think.and its great talking with you by the way.

xarlock667 (author)afridave2010-10-14

That will take more time than I have today, but I will certainly look foreward to it. You should get a better reply in 2-3 days. If not ping me.

Fujo (author)xarlock6672010-06-16

I wrote out a long reply to this but stopped half way because I thought to myself - Dont argue with a fool lest someone mistake you for one. So I'll only say this: You wouldn't do anything if you were near me. I find it funny you called me a child. 9/11 didn't happen the way your government told you it did [nor a lot of other events either!] Go back to sleep - your government is in control! If someday you feel like walking down the path of enlightenment give me a shout and I'll point you in the right direction! Have a nice day!

strambeer (author)Fujo2010-06-17

Dear Fujo, I recomend you write an instructable, "How to Walk Down the Path of Enlightenment." I would also like you to expand how you are being educated about 9/11. Perhaps this could be a step in your instuctable. Please make sure you include sources to your data as well.

SomeRandomName (author)strambeer2010-07-05

Undear Strambeer, I recommend you withdraw this obviously politically inspired 'instructable'. While you are at it, please drop your victim-attitude wrt the Palestinians. The 'country' you so lovingly defend kills them by the dozen as a matter of politics and retaliation; you are not the victim but the aggressor. The only way to stop rocket attacks is to make peace. The only way to get rid of your enemies is to turn them into your friends. The current regime cannot do that, as they profit too much from their little war. Either your people will elect a government that can take such step, or the world will step in. South Africa got rid of its apartheid regime too, and yours is not a hair better.

afridave (author)SomeRandomName2010-10-13

watch this space........(south africa) and see what is gonna happen in the next 10 to 20 to 50 years (if we have that long). chilly winds are blowing very gently here.

afridave (author)SomeRandomName2010-10-13

i live in south africa and just to prove a point about bieng objective (you are not) and bieng under the control of media which inturn is under control of other influences (from both or more sides) i would like to state that i have a different opinion on what happened in south africa and who and what uncle nelson actually is.but i wont bother to share it with you all.

I disagree. The Romans did not make the most powerful nation on the entire earth by making nice nice with everyone. They did it by conquering their foes. Same with Alexander the Great, Charlemange, Ghengis Khan, and many others throughout history. Comply or be exterminated. Once an enemy is defeated in combat, THEN talk about diplomacy. As for who wins between Isreal and Palestine, I couldn't give a damn less. But seriously 4,000+ years of war over some sand is an f-ing waste. Somebody has to win so get it over with.

xarlock667 (author)strambeer2010-06-17

Actually I can site several sources that 9/11 was aided by our own government, including an investigation by a US Governor that found evidence of thermite around the site. But I am just an ignorant american completely under control of the american propaganda machine and completely unable to see what is going on around me.

I called you a child because you keep making assumptions about me, and all other Americans. You believe we are all fools, all Americans are religious zealots, and that we simply lack the ability to see think, or act. You must be a child to have your head still buried so far in stereotypes, and to believe that they are real! MOST Americans are moderates, or liberals.

The religious wrong controlled this country for 8 years because the rest of us were too stupid to have a single good candidate on our side. (It is a 2 party system, so we only end up with 2 candidates).

As for not doing anything if I were near you, it is simply a reference to how calling names from across the internet is more than a bit pointless, and not an actual reference to beating you up. I thought that was clear? In any event, I am 5'10" 200lbs (48ish kg) and have been practicing martial art for more than 15 years. I have no objection to a fight, but I do not like pointless banter.

So come back, give your arguments, and stop running away! You are tarnishing the reputation of all Irish!

xarlock667 (author)Fujo2010-06-16

I thought the Irish loved a good argument? Guess I was wrong.

Probably they do. Draw you own conclusions about the quality of your argument.

FurtherThanTesla (author)Fujo2010-12-16

I think you should keep in mind- American people are not the same as the american government. You cant blame us citizens for something our government does without our knowledge. Each citizen has their own beliefs, but I can say for sure that most do not support a war purely for the sake of oil. We have a government that all too often does things we dont appreciate. So stop and think a minute before you say things like "Your war machine" and "Your country" and "Hate Americans" to an American. I was born in America, but that doesn't make it MY country. I can move to another country if I want, and I am not responsible for the US government's actions. I dont feel shame. I refuse to be ashamed for the actions of someone else. I will only be ashamed of my own. Theres a lot of problems in the world, but hating someone just because of the country they were born in will not solve any of them.

Fujo (author)xarlock6672010-06-16

"Or perhaps simply wipe out the Palestinians?" What a narrow-minded, ignorant, racist thing to say. You obviously have little knowledge on the subject. It is attitudes like yours that cause these kind of problems!

SirAmazing (author)2011-02-15

nice to read your comment Israel99 :)

FurtherThanTesla (author)2010-12-16

Wow. I thought this was a joke to. Here in America, you worry when the price of gas goes up 5 cents in a day. Its pretty surreal to come to the realization that, in some other parts of the world, people just like us regularly worry about terrorist's frag rockets raining down from the skies. Its also reminds me how great Instructables, and the internet as a whole is, that people in such different countries who worry about such different things come together with the common interest of sharing knowledge. Best of luck to you, whoever and wherever you are!

israel99 (author)2009-02-07

I'm an Israeli lving in the states. I'd like to say that I'm ashamed of what my country is doing. I hate saying it, but we lose the sympathy of the world when we kill women and children like terrorists do. At least they're fighting to get their land back. What's our excuse.? Instead of complaining about rockets.. lets call off the F16, give them their land back, and live in peace.

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