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I live with my wife and children in the Southern Israeli city of Beer Sheva. Recently the city has received rocket fire from Hamas terrorists living in Gaza. The intention of this instructable is not to be political but to offer a "How to Survive Guide" in the event you might be under rocket fire.

This video was posted by university student Morag Agmon.  The rocket landed in an area between the student dorms and pubs.

Step 1: Determine your City's proximity

Picture of Determine your City's proximity
Understanding where your city is located is important to your survival. This will determine the type of rocket and its range. A siren or "Color Red Warning" will alert you to an incoming rocket. Beer Sheva for instance is 24 miles (40km) from the Gaza Strip. From the time the siren is sounded, Beer Sheva residents have 1 minute to find shelter. On the other hand, the city of Sderot, 1.2 miles (2 km) away from the Gaza boarder, has 15 seconds.
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I disagree. The Romans did not make the most powerful nation on the entire earth by making nice nice with everyone. They did it by conquering their foes. Same with Alexander the Great, Charlemange, Ghengis Khan, and many others throughout history. Comply or be exterminated. Once an enemy is defeated in combat, THEN talk about diplomacy. As for who wins between Isreal and Palestine, I couldn't give a damn less. But seriously 4,000+ years of war over some sand is an f-ing waste. Somebody has to win so get it over with.

Actually I can site several sources that 9/11 was aided by our own government, including an investigation by a US Governor that found evidence of thermite around the site. But I am just an ignorant american completely under control of the american propaganda machine and completely unable to see what is going on around me.

I called you a child because you keep making assumptions about me, and all other Americans. You believe we are all fools, all Americans are religious zealots, and that we simply lack the ability to see think, or act. You must be a child to have your head still buried so far in stereotypes, and to believe that they are real! MOST Americans are moderates, or liberals.

The religious wrong controlled this country for 8 years because the rest of us were too stupid to have a single good candidate on our side. (It is a 2 party system, so we only end up with 2 candidates).

As for not doing anything if I were near you, it is simply a reference to how calling names from across the internet is more than a bit pointless, and not an actual reference to beating you up. I thought that was clear? In any event, I am 5'10" 200lbs (48ish kg) and have been practicing martial art for more than 15 years. I have no objection to a fight, but I do not like pointless banter.

So come back, give your arguments, and stop running away! You are tarnishing the reputation of all Irish!
xarlock667 Fujo5 years ago
I thought the Irish loved a good argument? Guess I was wrong.
Probably they do. Draw you own conclusions about the quality of your argument.
I think you should keep in mind- American people are not the same as the american government. You cant blame us citizens for something our government does without our knowledge. Each citizen has their own beliefs, but I can say for sure that most do not support a war purely for the sake of oil. We have a government that all too often does things we dont appreciate. So stop and think a minute before you say things like "Your war machine" and "Your country" and "Hate Americans" to an American. I was born in America, but that doesn't make it MY country. I can move to another country if I want, and I am not responsible for the US government's actions. I dont feel shame. I refuse to be ashamed for the actions of someone else. I will only be ashamed of my own. Theres a lot of problems in the world, but hating someone just because of the country they were born in will not solve any of them.
Fujo xarlock6675 years ago
"Or perhaps simply wipe out the Palestinians?" What a narrow-minded, ignorant, racist thing to say. You obviously have little knowledge on the subject. It is attitudes like yours that cause these kind of problems!
SirAmazing4 years ago
nice to read your comment Israel99 :)
Wow. I thought this was a joke to. Here in America, you worry when the price of gas goes up 5 cents in a day. Its pretty surreal to come to the realization that, in some other parts of the world, people just like us regularly worry about terrorist's frag rockets raining down from the skies. Its also reminds me how great Instructables, and the internet as a whole is, that people in such different countries who worry about such different things come together with the common interest of sharing knowledge. Best of luck to you, whoever and wherever you are!
israel996 years ago
I'm an Israeli lving in the states. I'd like to say that I'm ashamed of what my country is doing. I hate saying it, but we lose the sympathy of the world when we kill women and children like terrorists do. At least they're fighting to get their land back. What's our excuse.? Instead of complaining about rockets.. lets call off the F16, give them their land back, and live in peace.
Anykey israel994 years ago
thank for your words of peace my jewish brother :)

I want to ask the author a how to survive under the Israeli raid , it would be more useful than this because way more innocent palestinians have died under israelis' bombs than israelis under palestinian's rockets ...
haclil israel994 years ago
Hi israel99,

Please don't build your self-estimation on what others think about your home country, even if they seem to represent a prevailing view.

Israel has already--and sadly--lost the world's sympathy due to massive campaigns of disinformation and "big lies". To wit, the Palestinians never had a king, a government or self-rule, never-ever! They lost their first chance in 1949 when offered an Arab state by the UN. No Arab or Arab entity ever accepted that state.

To be really fair, call the land that Israel and "the territories" sit on "disputed land". It's far too simplistic to say that Israel "stole" the Palestinian's land.

Lastly, terrorists kill women and children indiscriminately. Innocents are *the* target for terrorists, while for the Israeli army they are very regrettable collateral damage. This is a simple legal distinction similar to the question of intent used to distinguish murder from manslaughter.
ezock israel994 years ago
Pretty easy to say when you are on someone else's land yourself.
you are obviously not living on the same planet as the rest of us or else you are dreaming and talking in your sleep,
AriedeB4 years ago
Holy C**** i thought this was a joke when i first saw this cross my screen!
The cold and harsh reality is that even stuff like this is needed in some country's.
So, mabye sad, but still a great instructable, hope you wont need it any day soon!
wow, rockets being fired at you... i hope one never hits you...
you should change your name cos being an anarchist you should be relishing rockets and bombs flying around all over the place, the more the merrier clearly you are not
Capt. Fat6 years ago
Hope you survive the attacks man. nice guide too. I live no where close to where you are but know you must be going through alot. Good Luck.
and please dont tell me im responsible for what transpires.
i just cant help myself........wearing uniforms,waving flags,chanting slogans and swearing at each other and name calling is optional but will add realism.
tercero6 years ago
Good luck strambeer. I hope your family and you make it out ok.
sorry everyone but im really bored and ive really enjoyed this discussion but ive got an idea for an instructable (game) and all of you feel free to try it......give each other your addresses and get in your car with your family and a paintball gun and drive to each others homes and bombard the house full of paint and when the owner comes out bombard them too (pepper balls will be effective for this stage ) and lets see how this all plays out and how everybody resolves this .
A life remains a life wether you're from israel, plestine or outer space. All people are worth the same value. You could reformat your instructable to be less a propaganda similar, less racist commentable. Starting by annonimity, no need to mention your background, no need to include an identifiable person's photo (hammas soldiers). Checking your vocabulary, what's the definition of a terrorist? You say Hammas are terrorists, while they say you are. Both of you are humans, citizens of your own lands and both having the right to live. If we want to judge whomever, you're in a bad situation in regards to the number of victims and damage in both sides. A foreigner would say you're the agressor by such an analisys. Briefly, just re-edit your article ;-) Tschuss
and could you quantify that value? is a human life worth more than a snails life or a trees life?if so please explain why.
Good 'ible, it's hard for me to keep the "politics" out of my comment, though I'll try as hard I can. I didn't grew up in a room / bombshelter hybrid, nor did I ever been attacked, by any country. It's a touchy subject and I think your Instructable is very well written, it does great at avoiding the more sensible part, though I think you should've taken an even more neutral approach, "terrorist" carries a strong negative connotation and is a very wide term just remember that "anybody terrorist's is someone else's freedom fighter". I would also have kept the religion out of it, but that's personal. Do all the recent houses in beer shiva are made with a built in shleter ? Very good 'ible 5/5!
Hamas as a political organization (the elected leaders of the Palestinians) is one thing (despite the U.S. State Department). They do engage in normal and reasonable political activities -- supporting schools, hospitals, and the social welfare of the Palestinian people. At the same time... Individuals or groups who fire deadly weapons at civilians are, by definition, "terrorists." Their aim (no pun intended) is to induce terror in the civilian population as a means of achieving a political end. The label Strambeer has applied to the individuals in his photograph is accurate.
Terrorists who fire rockets at schools, women and children are by definition cowards. Being PC about the word terrorist having a strong negative connotation is really quite silly. Perhaps we should ask ourselves a question - which specific group of cowards on planet earth would fire rockets at nursery schools or booby trap a UN school to further their political aims.
not really...its the only way they can fight the war cos lets face it if they stood in a long line with red coats on the war would be over in 10 min. Im not on any side but the word guerilla (even though i dont know how to spell it) is a better word than terrorist.And its just a fact that guerilla warfare tactics depend to a large degree on using the weapon of terrorism.
It's funny how Israel commits equal and often far greater acts of violence against Palestinian civilians and it is okay because it's been sanctioned by the United States.
It's funny how blind ideologues just parrot their favorite catchphrase, regardless of the context or appropriateness of the comment to the preceding discussion.
strambeer (author)  lordofthedonuts6 years ago
Thanks for your post. First, the U.S. Department of State lists Hamas as a Terrorist organization. http://www.state.gov/s/ct/rls/rpt/fto/2801.htm

Second, they do not deny targeting schools, day cares and hospitals with the intent to cause mass civilian casualties. In my dictionary, that is a terrorist.

I don't remember the exact date but I think sometime in the early 90's, after Saddam Hussein fired scud missles in to Israel, a law was created requiring all new homes and apartments to be built with attached "safe rooms". People who live in buildings built before that use communal bomb shelters underground in different neighborhoods or the basement of your apartment building. My family is quite lucky that we have an attached shelter. Many people have to run out of their homes to an underground shelter shared with others in their community.

As for religion in my post: During the time the siren is heard and we are waiting for the BOOM, its natural instinct to pray. You pray the rocket lands in an open area and no one is hurt. You pray this will all be over soon.

I do not want to apologize the Hamas for anything they did, it's criminal horrific and unjustified, but you know like me that they don't have any guiding system, they cannot choose what they will or will not hit. But yes, their objective is to make the more civilian casualties... I totally understand what you mean about the religion now. I still need to study about Israel's and Palestine's history to fully understand the conflict. Good luck, I hope this war ends soon. There was to many innocents killed in this war on both camp...
Rockets are ballistic. They follow trajectories which can be computed fairly accurately, and the people who are doing the launching (or their supervisors) are perfecly capable of doing those computations.

The point at which an unguided ballistic rocket lands can be determined to within a few hundred meters -- roughly one city block. That is more than accurate enough to know whether you're targeting the suburban homeowners, or the military base on the edge of town.

The members of Hamas who are targeting Israeli civilians are terrorists. The organisation's leadership may or may not be (that's a political question that I don't want to address here).
All of this may be true but being neutral here as I do not know enough to questions either states rights! However ,this is fact not opinion , for every Israeli killed 100 palastinians are killed i think people need to understand that this is not just a one sided battle. I wish you good luck to you and your family in Israel and this is a very great Instructable which is actually quite moving :) thankyou
Xellers jab05926 years ago
The unbalanced casualties are terrible, but Hamas is killing intentionally, Israel is not. Hamas hides behind civilians, the Israeli military is not. What would the United States do if it were hit by rockets from North Korean terrorists?
I've read numerous reports that state otherwise.
Israel is killing intentionally, if they really did not want to kill civilians they would certainly not shoot White Phosphorous shells over a heavily populated area.
It's funny how Israel commits equal and often far greater acts of violence against Palestinian civilians and it is okay because it's been sanctioned by the United States.

I won't deny the violence perpetuated by Hamas, but I sit and allow them to be called terrorists as long as the same violence is perpetuated by Israel and the United States.
It's all about point of view (POV). From the comfortable confines of the living rooms and office spaces from which most of the western world watches these events unfold, via our high speed Internet connections and our Hi-def TV's, Hamas look and act like terrorists. From the over-crowded and often bombed out rubble of the refugee camps which many Palestinians call home, Hamas look and act as the rightous sword of their impotent rage. On March 21st, 1983, Ronald Reagan stood in the Oval office with men from Afghanistan, whom he called "Freedom Fighters", to glorify their struggle against Soviet occupation. 18 years later, George W. Bush was deriding the sons of these men as terrorists. One generation's freedom fighter is another generations terrorist. It's all about POV.
You are incorrect, destroying a civilian population, and then hiding behind another one in order to selfishly try to take back land that you believe is yours is not freedom fighting, it is terrorism. During the cold war, Afghanistan was supported because it was at war with the Soviet Union. Also, they did not act as terrorists then, they were fighting off an invasion. Now, however, they are killing civilians and inducing terror. This is truly terrorism.
How could a person under DIRECT rocket attack be "more neutral" about it !!??
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