Step 2: Find Shelter

Picture of Find Shelter
In the event the siren is heard, find shelter fast. In the case for our family, our 1.5 year old's room doubles as a security room. Its like a bomb shelter with extra thick walls, a large steel plate covering the window, special ventilation, and a steel door. We moved our bed into the shelter last week in case we didn't wake up in the middle of the night from the siren.

For more information, visit the IDF home front instructional video.
How to behave in a Qassam Rocket or Mortar Attack
regener86 years ago
I'm part Jewish (not bar mitzvah'd tho), but I still have to laugh at the fact that your one year old sleeps on a money pillow. No offense, just enjoying a joke.
what's the difference between a safe and a pillow? Ask a jew
you cant be part jewish.....
strambeer (author)  regener86 years ago
Thanks for the post. Actually the pillow is mine. You technically had a Bar Mitzvah when you turned 13. The ceremony has nothing to do with you being Jewish, its only only tradition. On your next vacation, you should come visit Israel. Its a beautiful country rich in history and culture. Good Luck
I'm American and I have to say that Israel is my favorite country. It even says (loosely translated) in my religion "He he curses Israel, himself shall be cursed" I'm not Jewish but I respect you guys for fighting hard for what you believe in and if I'm ever ordered to fire upon an Israeli in the Marine Corps I'd rather die.
nacho21006 years ago
ive been to Israel as a student on a summer program during the second lebanon israel war, and it was incredibly safe. if you have excuses you never going to experiance the beauty and magnificence of Israel. you got to have some guts