Anything's possible... rabies pretty much makes animals into zombies, causing them to foam at the mouth and be driven to bite others and spread the disease. How is that different from zombies in movies? Depending on your situation, this guide may help you to prepare for an inevitable zombie breakout, and/or what to do once you start seeing your friends eat each other on the news.

Step 1: Prepare to Leave

So you're sitting on the couch watching the tube and the news comes on with some craziness about zombies taking over or something.... Wait! What? ZOMBIES?! Get off the couch and figure out what to do! That's what brought you here... At this point you may be hoping you can just forget about it and wait a week or so until the government stops it. Snap out of it! The best case scenario is the government still exists and nukes the city, or shoots every moving biological! The worst case scenario is that they are falling apart like the rest of the world and all government services will be down until... further notice. Quick, before your cell phone service and power goes down, you might want to call your loved ones and find out what their situation is. Are they in a safe area? Have they come into contact with anyone who might be a zombie? Unfortunately, your loved ones can be a liability, especially the weak and very old/young. However, you might find safety (and sanity) if you have them tag along in the future. For now though, don't worry about meeting with them. You need to protect yourself first so you don't end up eating those loved ones of yours. Still sentimental? There's a "saving your loved ones" section later in this guide.

First off: finding a place to wait out the largest surge of zombie hordes. The reason to get out quickly is leaving before everyone is infected and also to avoid being stuck in by blocked roads due to mass panic, police/military quarantine, giant pile of zombies, etc.

- If you're in the city: you need to get out of there! The idea is to avoid the biggest sources of zombies, which is where the largest population of people would be.
- If you're in the suburbs: it would probably be best to get to a more rural area, but your house could suffice.
- Already on the countryside? Perfect.
a uzi x10 clips <br> <br>a glock 17 x15 clips <br> <br>and a knife are the only defense I need
<p>mag's clips make more sound the the a bomb and katrana and my bratty sister cobinded</p>
<p>my siser is louder than those two</p>
ok i have 2 things 2 say <br>1... zombies will never come <br>2..... god will not let zombies come <br>3....(idk why) if they did come their cemichal structure would breakdown in seconds
Man am i glad i have a place outside a small town that has a small lake with tons of walley that is off the beaten train that no one knows about
I've read many guides like this and how to survive zombies. <br> <br>Food, resting place and fortification will be a problem, but gathering weapons is not a problem since I collect knives.

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