I have three guinea pigs. They're full of personality and they are a lot of fun. They are also are a lot of responsibility. First, I'll introduce you to my three guinea pigs. There is Shadow. He is all black and shy. There is Fluffy (my little brother named him). Fluffy is a shiny, rust color with a splotch of white on his head. Fluffy and Shadow are inseperable. Jovi (named after Jon Bon Jovi) is the spunky one. He never hides and he will eat and play with everything. He is also rust colored. We got them from a dingy, little, family owned pet store. They all came from different families that didn't want them. I could never imagine how some one could not want one of these guys. They're adorable!
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Step 1: Buying a Guinea Pig

Picture of Buying a Guinea Pig
   You can buy a guinea pig from any pet store. It's hard to raise a newborn. They aren't hardy and can die easily. You shouldn't buy just one. They are like humans and they can get lonely. It's easiest to get two or three from the same litter. My three guys are from three different litters and there is still tension in between Shadow and Jovi. Try to go to your local pet store and find your guinea pigs when they are at least one month old. Make sure that you have a cage set for them when they come home.