How to Take Pictures of Food





Introduction: How to Take Pictures of Food

How you take pictures of food can either disgust people or make them want to join in your meal. I prefer the latter so here are a few tips to take great food pictures, whether it's with your smartphone or dslr it's all achievable.

Step 1: Always Try and Use Natural Light

Natural lighting is the key to great food pics. Try to use natural lighting whenever possible.

Step 2: How to Light Up Your Food

If you need to light up your food using artificial light either try and take the picture from above or use lighting on either side of the dish to eliminate shadows.

Step 3: Use Relevant Angles

If you want to show a full meal the best way is to take a picture from above. If you want to show a juicy hamburger take the picture from the side or from above with you holding the hamburger in your hand. If you want to capture a specific aspect of your meal focus on that aspect.



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