How to Take a Moustache Ride





Introduction: How to Take a Moustache Ride

I love moustache rides. There one of the most fun, carefree things you can do on a nice afternoon. I took my first moustache ride in 2009 and have never looked back. It was an incredibly fun experience for me, my fellow participants and even bystanders who got to watch!


Here's the dead simple tutorial to taking your own moustache ride. 

Step 1: Procure a Moustache

Possibly the most important part of the moustache ride is your moustache. Think carefully about what kind of moustache you'd like to buy. Grow your own, purchase a variety from a novelty shop or make one out of paper! 

Before you start the ride, make sure your moustache is securely affixed. It's going to be a bumpy, windy ride and you may lose it as you gain momentum!

Step 2: Start Riding

With your moustache firmly affixed, grab your bike and start riding! Bystanders will absolutely love seeing a gaggle of moustache riders fly by, so bike with a group of moustachioed friends.

If you're in San Francisco, join our local Mustache Riders group on Facebook and learn about upcoming rides. Not only will you meet a bunch of pun loving bike riders, but we have taken some gorgeous bike rides through San Francisco!



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    Love this instructalbe and Questionsable Content!!! Props all around!!!

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    Lance, you beat me to it, nicely done.

    Freaking totally got me with the title...I was like, "No way!"

    Epic win. I'm still chuckling.

    im just gonna say it. I only opened this because of the title.

    Me too... and wtf is with the pic of the doll about to literally 'ride' a moustache.. do you think this chick doesn't get the double entendre or what? lol

    Ahem, that was kind of the point of the image...

    My 3 year old giggles at the word 'butt'. She's so cute.