Picture of How to Tape an Ankle (Like a Trainer)
These instructions will show you how to tape an ankle using the methods of an athletic trainer.

These instructions are adapted from http://www.wikihow.com/Tape-an-Ankle-Like-an-Athletic-Trainer
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
The materials needed for this process:

Step 2: Patient Positioning

Position the patient on top of the table with the ankle hanging off. Position the foot at a 90-degree angle.
The patient should not be wearing socks during the ankle taping.

Step 3: Pre-Wrap Application

Picture of Pre-Wrap Application
Apply the pre-wrap, covering from the middle of the calf to the middle of the foot. The pre-wrap will keep the tape from sticking to the skin.

Step 4: Anchor Application

Picture of Anchor Application
In this step you will apply anchors to keep the pre-wrap in place. Put two anchors around the top of the pre-wrap and one at the bottom. The two anchors at the top should overlap each other about half way.

Step 5: Stirrup Application

Picture of Stirrup Application
In this step you will apply a stirrup; a stirrup is used to prevent the ankle from rolling. Starting on the interior part of the leg at the top of the pre-wrap, go down over the ankle, under the arch of your foot and up the opposite side, over the ankle, and end at the top of the pre-wrap (on the opposite side you started at). Make sure the stirrup is tight enough to prevent the ankle from moving from side to side.

Step 6: Horseshoe Application

Picture of Horseshoe Application
Now you will apply a horseshoe; the horseshoe works together with the stirrup to provide more stability for the foot. Starting on top of the foot in the middle, go over the ankle, around the Achilles tendon, back over the ankle on the other side, and end back where you started from.  The second & third horseshoe should be placed lower than the first horseshoe that was applied.
zdachamp2 years ago
I like how you refer to previous steps if we need help. You also have great pictures to help with your instructions.
You could have used plain language and broke up the steps a little bit to make the instructions more clear. Also, it would help to state how tightly we should wrap the ankle.
zdachamp2 years ago
It's a good thing that you show us what our final product looks like and and shows us all the necessary materials.