Introduction: How to Take the Screen of a Phone Without Breaking It

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Step zero: parts

1: of course we need the old phone

2: we need a very small Philips head screwdriver

3:we need a strong suction cup

Step 1: Now for the Action

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Step not zero

there are two small screws located at the bottom of the charger input

take your small Philips head screwdriver and unscrew the screws

as you can see they come out make sure they are out of the phone and not in the phone

and don't forget to not lose them just in case

Step 2: Sucking Time!

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Step not one

now get your suction cup and put it on the screen

gently VERY GENTLY pull it off

make sure you don't pull to hard or else you will ruin the electrical cords located at the top of the screen

Step 3: Tharg We Go

Picture of Tharg We Go

there we have got the screen off now we need to get the screens cords off

on the top of the screen you will see cords cord one is on the very top right of the screen

gently pull cord one off don't ruin it

cord two is located right next to cord one gently do the same you did with cord one

cord three is located under cord two

cord three will slide of when you move the screen forward

now you have got all the cords off and the screen is not attached to the phone

congrats on your victorious victory



docman100 (author)2017-04-25


Swansong (author)2017-03-24

I'm glad you could take it apart without damage :)

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