How to Talk to Teachers





Introduction: How to Talk to Teachers

This instructable will help you to contact your teacher with out being nervous!

Step 1: Missing Home Work

During this step it helps if you normally do turn your home work in. If you forgot or just blew it than just say that "I blew it, can I get it to you tomorrow?" instead of making up some story about how your aunt Maggy had a hart attack or something. Normally teachers take this in better because your being honest and it also avoids making the conversation go on longer.

Step 2: Questions

If you have a teacher that your kind of scared to talk to try emailing him/her. Or if you don't have your teachers email then try talking to them after class or during recess and ask your question then. The reason I recommend this because then there is less kids around and it will feel less pressuring. If you can't email him/her and your not comfortable staying after class then go to a friend who seems to understand the subject or go to another teacher that you feel more comfortable with and ask for the scary teacher's email address.

Step 3: Accommodations

If you need a little help paying attention and need to be moved closer to the front or are having trouble keeping up when you take notes, then go to your school learning helper. You can try using the same technique as in step 2 too.

Step 4: Organization

It always helps to be an organized student, it never hurts to clean out your binder and back pack once in a while. Also ALWAYS use a planner so you forget your home work less often!



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    Advice, good Instructable, but  Step 1, "...hart attack...". Misspelled. 

    yup you're right. I totally missed that (this is still antqnut just i got a new acc) Being dislexic can do that to ya.

     Ah don't worry, your doing great, everyone makes mistakes!

    I'm mortified. The first thing that comes into my head from that comment is that old miley cirus song. EEEKKK!

    NOOO! I can not turn into what I despise most!

    i have a really good looking teacher..:D the problem is that she tends to talk to me alot but i cant talk back the way i want to..i tend to blush or some weird thing like that..kindly advise.?mainly on how  to get rid of that fear

    Hi Lancenair, (this is still antqnut I just got a new acc) 
    I would try to picture him or her as another teacher, I know it  seems crazy but it actually might help. You might even want to picture him or her as just another class mate. Don't think of him/her as 'the really good looking teacher' just think of him/her as a person. Hope I helped a  little bit.

    Wow, I must commend you on making an instructable that doesn't try to circumvent the learning process. Trying to get around internet filters, learning to skip school or plainly trying to get away with not being productive at school (among other things) are what I am mostly seeing on Nice to see someone writing a positive instructable. Kudos!

    I take it you have never been in a school where the filter blocks lots of useful things? I know at my old school it blocked lots of useful things like webmail. Another problem is that a lot of what you learn in school is absolutely useless. I am a computer engineering student at university and 99% of the stuff I learnt in school computing classes are useless to me. Some teachers are good at their job, but overall the old saying, "those who can, do, those who can't, teach." Holds true