I this instructable I will show you how to tame a horse.

You are going to need

1 Saddle

Step 1:

So Basically you just Left Click on the horse. That puts you on its back and it will probably throw you off a couple of times just keep left clicking on it when it throws you off until you see hearts. When you see hearts. While you are still on the horse click on inventory to put on the saddle of horse armor. If you find a baby horse (thats just a smaller version) feed it golden apples of carrots until it is full grown. If your horse gets hurt feed it Hay Bales to bring the hearts back up. I hope this helps. Enjoy

I tride its not working
<p>sawn egg, or you search in the plains, sometimes they are near villages</p>
<p>how to get a horse?</p>
<p>How do I get off?</p>
<p>By pushing stick 2</p>

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