Learning how to tape an ankle is pretty easy to learn how to do, but is hard to perfect.  This set of instructions is aimed toward people with knowledge in sports medicine.  To successfully complete these instructions, people should know general anatomy, and know basic medical terms.  There are two things required to tape an ankle: athletic tape and tape prewrap.  A full roll of standard 2 in. athletic tape should be enough, but a second roll may be required.  The steps in this instruction need to be followed in order.    

Step 1: Applying Prewrap

1.     To apply prewrap, pull about two inches away from the roll. 

2. Place the prewrap about 1/3 of the way up away from the ankle that you are taping.  Start slowly unrolling as you are working on going down towards the foot. 

3.      Once you get to the start of the foot, leave the heel uncovered and wrap 2/3 the length of the foot.  There should be no gaps in covering the foot and shin except the heel.  In any area there should only be one layer of prewrap although a slight overlap is acceptable in when working away from where prewrap was just applied.  You should not struggle with unrolling the prewrap, instead let the prewrap unroll the way it wants to and then place it on the foot/ankle.  


You forgot to use heel and lace pads. This is essential to prevent cuts and blisters from the tape to the patient. If you don't have heel and lace pads, 2-3 folded (or wrapped) layers of Powerflex/Powerfast or any other stretchable self-adhesive tape with or without vaseline will do. Vaseline will also keep the skin moisturized to help prevent blisters and cuts as well, but can also be used to prevent further damage to the tissue if a blister or cut should come about.

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