Picture of How to Taxi and Takeoff
 I this Instructable, I will show you how to execute the taxi and takeoff procedures for a Boeing 737-400 in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. This aircraft is included with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, so I know that you would have it, unless you did some aircraft changes.

Step 1: Supplies

Here are the supplies you need:
1. A computer with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
2. Basic knowledge of using Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
3. Recommended: Speakers
4. Recommended: Joystick, or something similar
5. Yourself
6. Mountain Dew! (Just kidding!)

Matthew___S9 months ago
Great instructable! My suggestion is to put flaps to 2° and put trim up 4 notches
As far as i can tell, you dont have any flaws in your takeoff BUT 2. for a runway this long you dont need your flaps. the plane takes off just fine without them considering the CONSIDERABLE OVERPOWER it has, and two, NEVER EVER turn off Flight Director if you are going to use your Autopilot. That is what links very many systems together. without it, the plane will freak out and if your using FSPASSENGERS will give you a lot of loss in points.
KaydenST (author)  sokamiwohali3 years ago
Thank you for those points! About the flaps, I was just following the instructions... The amount of flaps you would need would be variable. Again, thanks!
KaydenST (author)  KaydenST2 years ago
Lol I didn't realize I commented before today! I haven't been on in forever!
KaydenST (author)  sokamiwohali2 years ago
Haha I'm mostly going off of the checklist, but I can see what you are saying! Very true!
noob0062 years ago
i prefer pepsi
mrfluffy4 years ago
dont kid! mountain dew is very important during flight, long mission especially
55deno mrfluffy4 years ago
mrfluffy4 years ago
wow! thanks for that, i really needed that infomation, specially the flaps and airspeed, switches ect. you can never be so sure about these things, but you are! :)
KaydenST (author) 4 years ago
It's a Moller M-400 Skycar. I got it from: www.simviation.com
namless4 years ago
What is the name of that plane?