How to Tea-Dye (Step-by-step Instructions for Dying Fabric Using Tea)

Picture of How to Tea-Dye (Step-by-step Instructions for Dying Fabric Using Tea)
These step-by-step instructions will guide you smoothly through the process of dying your fabric using tea. No experience necessary!

Step 1: Supplies needed

Supplies needed:
1. White, cotton-based fabric (i.e. sheet, t-shirt, pillowcase)
2. Bags of black tea (number of bags depends on fabric size and color desired)
3. A clean tub (heatproof; either metal or steel), or sink with a stopper
 (Note: we will refer to this as “tub-1,” used to hold hot water )
4. A second clean tub (either metal or plastic)
 (Note: we will refer to this as “tub-2,” used to hold cold water)
5. 1-3 pots (large and clean)
6. Water
7. Stove
8. Tongs
9. Wooden spoon (or other stirring utensil)
10. Clothespins (optional)
11. Trash can
Ushashi8 months ago

Oh no! The first pic has vanished in the time it took me to type my last comment! I miss it. It's text could have the following added: "Keep these instructions handy in the location of your stove, so you can check back on the details without having to rely on memory, or print on paper." Reading from a lap top is relevant for safety and success of accomplishing so many steps.

Ushashi8 months ago

I loved the first pic! it made me grin.

It is an illustration of the first step - "These step-by-step instructions will guide you" I took the photo to be an iIllustration of reading the instructions (no need to print out onto paper). Nope, the dyed fabric doesn't smell of tea. And I agree, "it ain't right" to use up your delicious tea making something brown, only to then pour all that life-sustaining brew down the sink! But who wants to drink old tea-shirt flavour?

Does it smell of tea?
Kiteman3 years ago
You should use a photo of the tied fabric as your introduction image - typing at a laptop isn't really relevant ...
lemonie Kiteman3 years ago

It ain't right.