How to Teach Your Dog Tiricks





Introduction: How to Teach Your Dog Tricks

What is there to teach your dogs and how? Find out here!

Learn How To Sit:

At first, a dog thinks he's a pack leader which is basically special words for: THE BOSS
To teach your dog how to sit is simple, all you have to do is say sit or some other command for 'sit down'. If the dog doesn't obey, then gently press his rump down and give him a treat and/or praise him.

2. Come!
Teach your dog how to come to you by following these steps;

-if your dog is on the other side of the room say come!

-if he comes, praise and/or give the dog a treat

-if he doesn't come, gently take him by the collar and show him where to go

3. STAY!

Start by saying the command stay but remember, he must be sitting down on his rump and you have to teach him sit before you teach him how to stay.

Step one: Hold a treat in your hand and say "sit". Then say the new command "stay".

Step two: if the dog doesn't stay, and the dog runs for the treat you don't let the dog have the treat and keep repeating this until he obeys.



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