How to Teach Zmote New Remote Buttons (IR-Learning)





Introduction: How to Teach Zmote New Remote Buttons (IR-Learning)

zmote is an IoT gadget that connects to your home Wi-Fi network and lets you control all your remote-controlled devices through a browser on your phone, tablet or a computer.

If you haven't bought a zmote yet, you can buy it from eBay or with a special $5 discount from Tindie (use coupon code INSTRUCTABLES during checkout).

If you already own a zmote and yet to configure, follow one-time setup instructions here How to Join-Zmote-to-Your-Wi-Fi-Network

This Instructable will guide you through the steps to learn a new remote when your remote is not supported by zmote.

Step 1: Power Up the Zmote

  • Make sure that your zmote is powered.
  • Go and choose webapp and open your zmote

Step 2: Add a Generic Remote

    • Click on "ADD REMOTE" and type "Generic" in the search box. choose "GENERIC REMOTE" from the serach results. It gets added to list of remotes.
    • Click on "GENERIC REMOTE" to open it.

    note that buttons of any remote can be re-learned. However, in this Instructable, I am showing ir-learning with generic remote.

    Step 3: Go to Edit Mode for IR-learning

    From top-right menu, choose "EDIT REMOTE". Now zmote is ready to ir-learn.

    Step 4: Learn New Remote Buttons

      click on any button and click on the "Learn" button on the bottom-right to start the learning process.

      UI will guide to you now to press the real buttons on your real remote. Once a button is learnt, it continues to the next button. It makes it easy to learn all the buttons.

      It is just one step away to completion.

      Step 5: Save and Start Using

      • click on "Save" button on top-right.
      • It is done. New remote is saved and ready to use.



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      I Have some questions :

      1. Maximum and Minimum distance between Remote devices and zmote device?

      2. Is it supportable for 360 degree command?

      I am interested in getting the Pronto Hex sequence of the original remote IR signals.
      Would you recommend using Zmote, or another method?
      THANX, ilan