Step 3: Put the strands in order

Picture of Put the strands in order
T568A and B.jpg
There are two orders the colored strands can be put into before inserting them into the connector. Both standards: T568A (A) and T568B (B) work equally well. One cable using the A standard can also be connected to another using the B standard and the system will work fine, but it is important that both ends of the same cable are terminated using the same standard.* The color order for each specification is illustrated in the second picture. Get the wires into the correct order for whichever standard you are using, and flatten them out in order. If you have difficulty getting the wires in the right order, keep trying. It can be done.

*Unless one is trying to create a crossover cable. You can read about them here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crossover_cable