Step 14: The hand - Adrian Monk

Picture of The hand - Adrian Monk
Adrian Monk

I made the hand by first tracing out my own hand on some thin cardboard. Then I traced from that onto thicker cardboard.

I then took sculpey clay and made a flat sheet of it. I traced hand shaped bits from it, covered the cardboard, smoothed it all out, and baked it for 15 minutes.

Then I just glued it onto a sculpey base and wrote my username and thanks on the bottom.

I don't have many pics of the actual process, because I tried so many things to make the hand that didn't pan out (including wood, styrofoam, solid sculpey, paper, etc) that I wasn't sure this would work. Thus, no picture taking during the making of the hand. I was also very pressed for time. Sorry. But I do have pictures of the cardboard bits I used.
caitlinsdad6 years ago
Adrian monk is Minnie Mouse?